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Simpsons Tiles

Try to click all the Simpson characters away by clicking on the groups of tiles with identical characters. The tiles will them fall down. Try to empty the field and get the highest score. Make combos to collect explosive Duff cans.

8 / 10
Marge Simpson Saw Game

Marge Simpson has been kidnapped. It's that puppet from the Saw movies again. Can you solve his puzzle? Collect useful objects and find your way out.

4.8 / 10
Simpsons House

In this game you can walk about in the Simpsons house and take a look around. Find the different characters and click on all kinds of interactive objects.

7.8 / 10
The Simpsons Puzzle

Can you piece together this puzzle of the crazy Simpsons family? First put the piece in the right place and them click on the red button for another piece.

0 / 10
Marge Simpson Makeover

Dress up Marge Simpson in all kinds of different outfits in this Simpsons dress up game. Baby Maggie scoots about in the background.

8 / 10
Simpsons House 2

Explore the Simpsons house in this improved version of the game. There are more things to click on and some changes have been made to the game.

7.7 / 10
The Simpsomaker

Change this Simpsons character in whoever you like. You can change it from head to toe. Create your own Simpsons character in the Simpsomaker.

8 / 10
Bart Simpson Makeover

In this game you can dress up Bart Simpson in all kinds of different clothes. Give him a full makeover and let him wear whatever clothes you want.

8 / 10
The Simpson Movie Similarities

Can you find all of the identical objects in the two different pictures? There are identical objects hidden in each. Can you find them all?

8.3 / 10
Lisa Simpson Saw

Marge, Homer, Bart and Maggie have been kidnapped by the evil puppet Pigsaw. Can you help Lisa defeat Pigsaw and get her family back?

7.8 / 10
Simpsons Hoops

Throw the ball through the hoops and eat donuts and other snacks with Homer Simpson. Try to hit the bonus hoops and score lots of points. What is your highscore?

8.3 / 10
Simpsons Beer Game

Catch the falling kegs of beer with the Simpsons and put them in your car. The kegs that are of fire (?!) are maybe best left alone.

8 / 10
Simpsons Fishing

Go fishing with the Simpsons in the Springfield Lake. Mr Burns's nuclear power station appears to be nearby, because many of the fish don't seem quite right. Try not to catch any mutated fish.

8 / 10
Simpsons Bike Rally

Choose your favourite Simpsons characters. There's Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart to choose from. Win the bike races and grab the donuts for extra points!

9.5 / 10
The Ball Of Dead

Drive the Simpsons through the ball and collect as many items possible to finish the level. Choose your own speed and make sure you don't fall.

8.1 / 10
Shoot the SImpsons

In this game you get to shoot the Simpsons. Well, not all of them, just the ones in the building get you points... But you can also just decide to shoot them all.

8 / 10
Bart Simpson Halloween Dress Up

In this game you can dress up Bart Simpson for Halloween. Choose between all kinds of different costumes and Halloween accessories.

0 / 10
Simpsons 3 Card Moe

Can you see your way through Moe's three card shell game scam? Follow the joker through each shuffle and point it out. Can you get through all the rounds?

8 / 10

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The Simpsons are the slightly dysfunctinal family famous from the eponymous American cartoon series created by Matt Groening. Here you\'ll find all kinds of games featuring the mischievous Bart, precocious Lisa, the baby Maggie, and their parents Homer and Marge. Play all kinds of games with the Simpson family: puzzles, dress-up games, platform games, make-your-own-Simpsons-character games, and much more. Check out the overview below.

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