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Simon says


Tap the girls in bikinis on the buttocks. Do it in the right order though. Copy the exact order the computer demonstrates each time.

8 / 10
Furry Buzz

A fun memory exercise. Watch the colourful figures light up. Pay attention to the order in which the fuzzy creatures light up, because when they are done you will have to imitate this. How far will you get?

8 / 10
Signal Switch

Watch the order in which the colored lights flash, then pull the levers in the correct sequence to add each new car to the train. You'll need a good memory for this one!

8 / 10
Maestro di Colore

Watch the coloured lights of this Simon Says game blink and remember the sequence. Can you copy it exactly directly after? The sequence will get more and more difficult. How good is your memory?

8 / 10
Simon Says Chrome

In this game the objective is to copy the sequences in which parts of the Google Chrome Logo light up. Wait for the whole sequence to play, and then click on the parts of the logo in the right order. It starts out easy, but the longer the sequence gets the harder it becomes to remember it. Train your brain with the Chrome logo!

8 / 10
Simon Says Disney

Pick a team and listen carefully to what Simon says. Click on the body parts he names, but only do it when Simon says "Simon says", or else you will lose points!

8.7 / 10
Mind Impulse

Carry out four mind game challenges and find out your score. First suppress your impulse to press the given arrow by paying attention to the colour of the arrows. Then do some arithmetic, count blocks, and finally determine which colour is featured more or less in the field, but watch carefully for the question, because sometimes the game asks what there is more of, and sometimes what there is less of, so no blind clicking!

6.9 / 10
Simon Says

Simon determines the sequence of the colours, your memory determines your score! Remember everything you see, because you'll have to copy all the moves directly after. Can you do it?

8 / 10
Remember the Card

Can you remember what card was the odd one out? The cards will be turned over and moved about. Can you keep your eyes on the right card and tell which one it is after they have stopped moving?

0 / 10
Simon Desk

Test your memory in the Simon Says... game. Can you remember the sequence of colours correctly and copy it afterwards? The sequence gets longer and longer. How long will you last?

8 / 10
Animal Dance

Do a little dance with these cute critters. First the right dance moves will be demonstrated. Pay close attention, because you'll have to imitate them in the right order.

8 / 10
Perfect Dancing

Dance together with a friend who knows all the moves. You have to imitate them. Press the arrow keys to make the same moves. How long can you dance in sync?

2 / 10

Simon says games!

Simon says is a fun children\'s game in which you have to follow the instructions and do precisely what Simon says. You have to do it really quickly, because the last one to act out Simon\'s commands loses the game. But be careful! You need to listen carefully. If the commend is not preceded by the words \"Simon says...\" you\'re mustn\'t do it, or you\'ll lose too! In other Simon says games you\'ll have to copy a sequence of colours or music notes. Can you memorize them and remember what it was Simon said when it\'s your turn? Good luck!

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