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Samurai's Blood

Become a sword-wielding samurai warrior in this fighting game and battle the forces of evil! Can you defeat all of your enemies with your sword and save the kingdom? Try it and see if you have the strength and endurance!

8.8 / 10
Samurai Defense

Fight in this game with your samurai sword while on horseback. Buy and army to defend your castle.

8 / 10
Samurai Jack

Play Samurai Jack- Code of the Samurai. The game is based on the series by Cartoon Network. Can you defeat all the enemies of Jack the samurai rabbit?

8 / 10
Straw Hat Samurai

Make your way through the fields to the enemy camp and defeat all of your opponents. Collect treasure to boost your stats and abilities. Can you defeat all the enemies and win back the land? If you run out of arrows for your bow, see if you can find any used ones lying around in the grass.

8 / 10
Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer II

Hack away at the boy scouts with Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer. Between levels you can replenish your health, but you can also buy an arry of increasingly brutal weaponry.

8 / 10
Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer

In Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer you get to hack away at all the boy scouts. You can win temporary upgrades for your sword, but you can't buy them.

8 / 10
Samurai Warrior

Choose from six characters and various martial arts. Practice your moves on an opponent of choice before you begin the martial arts battle for real, and compete against computer generated opponents. Be Your Samurai!

8 / 10
Armed with Wings

Use your bird to explore the level and distract your opponents. With the samurai you can use your sword to kill the guards. Try to reach the white flag in every level.

8 / 10
Little Samurai

Fight your way to the end of every level wit your little samurai warrior. Can you take out all of your opponents with your weapons and make it to your goal?

4 / 10
Renga Samurai

Try to pass the last test for this samurai. Use your keen intelligence to cut the bricks into the right shape so that it will fit the outline.

0 / 10

Samurai battle!

Samurai is the name for the warrior class of preindustrial Japan. They had impressive armour and their own ethical code known as bushido, but of course the samurai are best known for their swordsmanship. The two swords wielded by samurai were the wakizashi (short sword) and katana (long sword). Draw your sword on foot or on horseback and fight like Musashi in these samurai games!

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