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Extreme Safari
Travel the world to take pictures of mythological beasts. Photograph the Loch Ness monster, prove the existence of the Yeti, commit the Phoenix to film, and more. As an intrepid explorer you must collect coins and photograph lenses to complete you missions.
8 / 10
Youda Safari
You're working in a Safari park in this game. Drive the people around so that they get to see all the sights in the park. They'll tell you what they want to see and you can drive them around.
8 / 10
Safari Slacking
Sarah the Slacker is back, and she's still up to just about everything except doing her job. Can you help Sarah do all the other things on her to do list? But watch out, when the boss comes to check up on you you'll have to drop what you're doing and pretend to be busy working.
8 / 10
Safari Colouring
In this funny drawing are all kinds of animals you might come across on a safari trip. You can colour them in any way you like. Pick all your favourite colours.
0 / 10


The word \"safari\" originally comes from the Arabic word safra, meaning \"a journey\". This word made it\'s way into the Swahili language via the East African coast, and became the word \"safari\", meaning a long journey. Safari\'s are mostly overland journeys. The word use to refer to touristic hunting expeditions, but now more frequently refer to wildlife observation and photography expeditions.

Safari Games

In these safari games the objective is often to find, take snaps of, or colour in as many wild creatures as possible that you come across during your safari journey. You will come across lions, snakes, monkeys, elephants, and other beautiful sights on your trip in these safari games.

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