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The Impossible Quiz 3

The Impossible Quiz is back, with more silly and tough answers, puns, and trick questions for you to tackle. The right answer isn't always the right answer! How far will you be able to get?

7.4 / 10
The Impossible Quiz

Legendary! The Impossible Quiz! A quiz where one has to answer difficult questions. Sometimes you have to think again to find the right answer, but nothing is impossible...right? Good luck!

8.1 / 10
The Impossible Quiz 2

Part two of this legendary game! If you thought The Impossible Quiz 1 was difficult, try this one! Beware of this quiz, because once you start you can't stop! Good luck!

8.1 / 10
Football Logo

How big a soccer fan are you? How well do you know the logos of various famous European clubs? Can you match the logos to the right clubs?

8 / 10
Handless Millionaire

A new version of Weekend Millionaire! Grab the money, but make sure you don't get hit by the axe or you might lose a hand!

8.2 / 10
Deal Or No Deal 2

Deal or No Deal, the popular show from television. Choose cases and decide whether or to accept the deal offered or continue trying your luck. Will you guess the right case to keep till then end? Have fun!

8 / 10
The Impossible Quizbook Chapter 1

A new Impossible Quiz is out! Can you figure out the right answers to these crazy, silly, and clever (trick) questions? How far will you be able to get?

2 / 10
Win A Million

This game is based on the TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Do you think you can do better than most contestants? Find out in this quiz game.

8 / 10
Test Your Patience

In Test Your Patience your patience is really tried to the max by this annoying game. The first test should give you an idea of what the rest of the test is going to be like. Except it'll be worse.

7.7 / 10
The Impossible Quizbook Chapter 2

Can you figure out and solve all the tricky questions and challenges in this second part of the Impossible Quizbook series? Have fun!

0 / 10
Map quiz

How well do you know your world? Take the map quiz and find out! You must select the places where famous cities and sights are located. The game will show you how close (or far away!) your estimate is. It starts off with capitals, but in higher levels the game asks you really tough questions... Can you pinpoint all of them and reach level 12?

8 / 10
Brain Thickening Game

The Brain Thickening Test is a funny parody of Brain Training. You must make sure to give only wrong answers. Try to sink lowest on the ranking list. Literally.

8 / 10
Guess The Kitty

Guess The Kitty is not a game for the kind-hearted cat-lover. While it's true you can avert cruel disasters by getting all the answers to the pop quiz questions right, the cats will suffer terrible consequences when you get it wrong. For the violence-free, child-friendly edition of this game, try browsing our site for the title "Kitty Quiz".

0 / 10
Poke a Muscle

A fun and educational anatomy game. First you are shown the names of the different muscle groups. Can you find and click on the right ones in the timed quiz?

4.7 / 10
4 Images 1 Word

Play 4 Images 1 Word, a nice Brain game for free!

0 / 10
World Cup Quiz

How much do you know about the World Cup? Can you answer all these quiz questions correctly? Try to be quick, so you can score lots of points!

8 / 10
The Map Quiz

This is a short 10 question quiz about six of the world's continents. Can you give all ten correct answers? Click on the continent you think is the right answer.

8 / 10
US Cities

Do you know the states and cities of the United States? Look at the map and pick the right location for the American city that is being asked for in the quiz.

8 / 10
What Disaster Are You?

If you were a natural disaster, which one would you be? Take the quiz and find out which natural disaster you are. Have fun!

8 / 10
Famous Paintings Parody Quiz

In this game you will be shown all kinds of pictures. They are all parodies of famous paintings. But can you tell which paintings?

0 / 10
Movie Starts Parodies

See if your can guess all the right celebrities in this film quiz. The quiz is full of silly and tacky puns. Can you figure it out?

10 / 10
Google Smarty Pins

Stick the pins in the Google map of the world in the fun trivia game Google Smarty Pins. The quiz questions are about important cities and events. Can you mark the right locations on the map?

0 / 10
Gold Bunny Hunt

Comb through the cities search for the golden bunnies. You can earn extra points by finding the shadows of the bunnies, the suspiciously bunny-shaped shadows on the map. When you find a bunny you get a quiz question which you can answer for more extra points.

8 / 10
Hair Quiz

In this quiz you can answer a list of questions. The computer will then determine what hairstyle suits you best. Is the answer even close?

7.9 / 10
Fluffy Egg

Take a personality test and discover what kind of egg you are. Break the egg over the pictures you like best to select them. This will reveal your personality type.

4 / 10
Idiot Test 3

Click on the right shapes and colours and try to get it right and get a decent score so the game won't call you an idiot.

8 / 10
Paintings Quiz 5

Look at all the funny parodies of famous paintings. Do you know which paintings are being spoofed? There are lots of funny puns to enjoy in this great game.

6 / 10
Famous Paintings Quiz 3

In this funny quiz about art you have to guess on which famous painting the cartoon parodies are based. Can you guess them all? This is part three in the successful game series.

8 / 10
Hawkeye Gamer

How well do you know your online games? Test your knowledge and solve all kinds of fun puzzles. Can you identify the heroes and fill in the missing characters?

0 / 10

Quizzing - An individual or team mind sport

A quiz is a game based on knowledge of certain topics. Contestants must answer questions in a limited time frame. The quiz master is usually a smooth talker who can make or break a show. Popular television quizzes are Deal or no deal, and Weekend Millionaires. Some quizzes are meant to be funny, for instance QI, others are specifically academic, such as University Challenge. Most quizzes are competitive and in some quizzes, such as The Weakest Link, there are elimination rounds in which weaker players drop out of the game.

Quiz Games

Quizes are challenging. It\'s exciting to test and improve your knowledge in competition with other people. We\'ve collected quizzes and questions to practice with. Map Quizzes, impossible quizzes, quizzes with trick questions, deal or no deal, news quizzes, culinary quizzes, fashion quizzes, and a quiz where the right answer is the wrong answer.... Lot\'s of quizzing fun!

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