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Obama Chess

Play a game of chess with Congress and the Obama administration. This is a fun chess game and you can play it against the computer at three different levels: easy, medium, and hard.

8 / 10
Falling Bush

Have fun with this immensely popular Bush bashing game. Let this ragdoll version of former president George Bush tumble through the screen hitting the spheres on his way down. You can also intervene and throw him about the screen a bit, if you want more crashing about. It's kind of hypnotizing.

8 / 10
Hot Dog Bush

Help Bush get started with a new career after being kicked out of the White House. Make Hot Dogs, shakes and Hamburgers for all kinds of customers.

8.1 / 10
007 Charles 2

Prince Charles in the new 007. Bring President Obama to safety by pulling out all your James Bond moves and shooting all of the terrorists down. Don't forget to reload your gun once every while.

8 / 10
Kung-Fu Election

In this Kung Fu game the presidential candidates take each other on head to head. Literally. Choose your presidential kung fun warrior and fight your way to the top in Kung-Fu Election!

8 / 10
Punch President Bush

Do you dislike the conduct of former President Bush has done during his presidency. Does it sometimes make you really mad to think abou it? Then work through your frustrations and anger in this boxing game.

8 / 10
Obama Embroidery

Embroider a portrait of the American President Barack Obama in this fun embroidery game. How creative are you with thread and needle?

8 / 10
Presidential Paintball

The presidential candidates have decided to change their strategy for the elections. No more money spent on extensive campaigning! This time they're just going to duke it out with a paintball battle in the White Huis!

8 / 10
Trillion Dollar Bailout

You have a trillion dollar at your disposal. Save the economy by handing out money to the deserving people, and using the hand to slap away the fat cats.

8 / 10
Wikileaks Game

In this game you're Julian Assange and you're trying to download President Barack Obama's secret files. You win when you've downloaded everything you want. Hide behind Obama's desk and reach out as soon as he falls asleep to pop your USB stick into his PC and start downloading. But don't let Obama catch you!

8 / 10
Obama Bubbles

Help Obama win enough voters to win the election! Travel through the states and shoot policy-themed bubbles to clear the field and win a landslide victory.

8 / 10
Bush Shootout

Show the terrorists breaking into the White House some Southern hospitality with George 'Dubya' Bush and his administration.

8.1 / 10
Shoe Throw

Voice your disapproval of the Bush administration by following the example of Muntadhar al-Zaidi in this comical game. Take off your shoe and throw it at former president George Bush.

8 / 10
Dutch Politics Game

Guide the Dutch PM, JP Balkenende, through these levels. This game is admittedly most amusing if you follow Dutch politics. Ride off political allies and avoid opponents to a background of steretypes: Cheese, cows, mills and flat grasslands.

8 / 10
Obama Spiderman Puzzle

Press the red button to get a new piece of the puzzle and drag it to the right space on the picture to complete this Obama and Spiderman puzzle.

8 / 10
White House Invasion

George Bush wants desperately to get back into the White House. Sneak through the gardens and avoid the guard lights and Obama's security measures.

0 / 10

President and Politics Games

Whatever party you prefer, it\'s always fun to play games featuring figures as prominent in the media and important as the president. Play games with former US president Bush, whether you want to play a game in which Bush is trying to sneak his way back into the White House, or a game inspired by Muntadhar al-Zaidi who threw a shoe at Bush. You can also play bubbles to win Barack Obama the presidency, embroider a picture of Obama, or help Prince Charles as the new 007 to defend Obama against terrorist attacks. Enjoy these funny president games.

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