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Police Sniper Training

Try to hit all the targets with your police sniper in training. React quickly and be accurate, because there are multiple targets to hit.

6 / 10
Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit

Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit is a high-speed chase game in pursuit of justice! With every level, you get to chase down thieves in a faster, more souped-up cruiser.

5.5 / 10
Police Sniper 2

A number of sniping missions with stationary and moving targets. Shoot down the targets from your police helicopter as a Police Sniper.

8 / 10
El Emigrante

The police is out to get you! Use your bike to jump clear of their patrol cars. Can you manage to make your getaway in this police game?

8 / 10
The Scene of the Crime 2

Can you collect all the clues at the scene of the crime? There's been a murder, and you are the police detective who must try to solve the case.

8 / 10
Shooting range

Lock and load! Shoot your enemies at the target range in this fast paced game. Can you take them all out before they manage to hit you with their bullets?

8 / 10
Jail Break 2

Escape from prison in this game. Make sure you dodge all the guards and that they do not see you sneak around. Will you be able to make it out?

8 / 10
Zombie Trapper

Set all kinds of traps for the zombies in this game and shoot the surviving ones with your gun. Protect the altar and watch out if the zombies are coming in via more than one portal!

8 / 10
Road Crisis

Regulate traffic by controlling the traffic lights. Make sure the traffic keeps flowing and don't make the cars queue up and wait unnecessarily long.

8 / 10
Scania Driver

Race your truck down the road and get as far as you can. Make sure you don't crash too much. You must also try not to drive too fast, or the police will come after you.

8 / 10
Prison Bustout

In this prison breakout game you start out in a prison cell. Once you escape from the cell you will have to grab a car and get rid of the cops that are tailing you.

8 / 10
Road Hunter GT

In this game you have just stolen a cab and are on your way to the bank. Try to get there without getting killed. What you are off to the bank to do will become clear once you get there.

8 / 10
Team of Robbers

Each robber in your team has a special ability: picking locks, moving heavy objects, hacking, and assassination. Can you get them to work together properly so that you can steal all the valuable items as quickly as possible?

8 / 10
Shop Empire Rampage

In this game you must take revenge with all the Shop Empire employees who ever got fired. Can you sabotage the stores so that they have to close?

8.3 / 10
Zombie Riot

Help the police woman stop the zombie army. You'll have to choose a place on the street to make your stand. Make sure none of the zombies can pass you!

0 / 10
Police Chase Crackdown

Catch up with the gangsters in your police car and arrest them. Drive alongside the car until the arrest meter is full. Can you catch them all?

8.1 / 10
Vehicles 3: Cartoons

Make the cars stop in the right zone. Click on a car to start driving and click on it again to stop. Don't let the cars shoot too far too fast!

8 / 10
Escape 1

Escape from prison. Make sure the prison guards don't see you. They are faster than you are. Trap them and sneak by to make it to the exit.

8 / 10
Jack the Fugitive

Try to escape from prison. And this is just the first level! You have a weapon, so you have some small advantage, but you still have to watch out for the guards and find the right way out. After that you must try to get far away from the prison in your car.

8 / 10
Sleepless Night

The house has been robbed! Look carefully at the footage from the security camera and see if you can collect all the pieces of evidence on your list. Can you find them all in the images?

5 / 10
Rich Cars 3

Race through the levels with your van and try to collect the dollar signs. Can you make enough money to buy better cars and stay ahead of the police?

8.1 / 10
Runaway Thief

Run away from the police. They are after you and they will eventually get you, but try to collect as much money as you can before the police catches up with you.

8 / 10
Agent K

As Agent K you need to practice your skills in the shooting range before you are allowed to complete any missions. Once your training is accomplished you can take on missions and shoot the terrorists hiding in the city.

8 / 10
Red Flight

Fly through this futuristic city and shoot the bad guys with your flying police car. Try to make hit combos to power your laser guns.

7.8 / 10
Bucket Cop

Can you help the cop catch all the bad guys? Each villain will have his own superpower, but they also have a unique weakness. Can you figure out what it is and lure them into a trap?

0 / 10
Agent Smith

The office has been taken over by various criminal gangs. Help Agent Smith free the hostages. Shoot the criminals when they attack you. Try to make it to the elevator and get to the next floor after you have released all the hostages.

8 / 10
Cop The Pursuit Game

Chase the truck the terrorists want to use to blow up city hall. Ram the truck as often as you can to stop the terrorists. Collect the police sirens to save up energy for boosts.

8 / 10
Carbon Auto Theft

Try to steal cars from the parking lot as subtly as possible by unlocking the cars and driving away quietle without touching any of the other cars or the other objects in the lot. Good luck!

8 / 10
Emergency Vehicles

Park all the emergency service vehicles in the correct parking spaces. You'll have to park them accurately and quickly to help the people you came for.

8 / 10

In this game you have to help crime fiction author Richard Castle from the TV series Castle solve crimes. A new series of crimes has taken place, and the police department needs your help once again to apprehend the criminals. Search New York for clues with the help of NYPD detective Kate Beckett. Can you help the New York police and Castle bring these cases to a close? Have fun playing, detective!

0 / 10
Agent Heart

Spy on your friend's boysfriend. She thinks he is cheating, but she has no evidence. Help Agent Heart take pictures to collect evidence. Spy on the guy and his girlfriends. When a white frame appears on the screen, that is the picture you need to take. Try to snap four shots per level.

8 / 10
Detective Grimoire

Walk around the murder scene on the fairground and collect evidence with Private Detective Grimoire. Talk to the witnesses and figure out what's going on. find ways to sneak into the fairgorund attarctions and collect clues.

8 / 10
Gangster Runner

Carry out all kinds of missions in Gangster Runner. You will have to park your car, stay ahead of the police in a car chase, and other challenging tasks.

8 / 10
Killer Trucks

Make it to the end of the level with your powered up police truck with monster truck wheels. Crush everything that is blocking your way.

8 / 10
The Science of the Crime

Can you find out what happened at this crime scene? Click your way through this puzzle and see if you can solve the case by finding valuable clues!

8.1 / 10
The Bank Robber

Pick a number of tools with which to rob a bank. Select a team and then devise a strategy using one or more robbers.

8 / 10
Street Burglar

Speed down the road as a burglar on skates. Grab the money and jump and duck over or under the obstacles on the road. Collect as much cash as you can but watch out for the cops!

8.1 / 10
Fugitive Takedown

Take down fugitives with Sheriff John Bunnell, the presenter of World's Wildest Police Videos. Chase down the perpetrator and stop them, regardless of civilian casualties.

8 / 10
Jail Break

Break out of jail without the cops catching you. Avoid the range of the camera, the patrolling guards, and the lasers. Find the keys to open the doors and make your way to the next room.

8 / 10
Hell Cops

In this game you take a police car on a rampage. Try to ram everything you can and even hit the people out on the street. Score enough points to complete the levels.

8 / 10
Adventures of Jack

Go out into the streets and see what happens when you talk to people. Concluding the game is pretty simple.

8 / 10
Gangster Pursuit

Go on a rampage with a cop in pursuit of a mob of gangsters. Take out the bad guys by shooting them before they get a chance to shoot you. Watch out for the occasional drive-by and fly-by. See how well you rank in the police hierarchy by the end of the game.

8 / 10
Shoplifter Defence

Guard the shop by shooting the shoplifters with bows and arrows. Check people out with the secutriy camera to see if they are innocent or shifty.

8 / 10
FWG Pursuit

You've just robbed a bank and now need to stay ahead of the police. Drive through the city and drop the money off at checkpoints. Make sure you don't hit any pedestrians.

8 / 10
The Scene of the Crime 3

When the FBI takes over your case ans seizes your evidence you know things are about to get interesting. Continue your investigation in secret and collect more evidence.

8.2 / 10
Zorro Team

Try to catch all the thieves who are trying to break into the houses to steal stuff. Catch them and put them in jail. Can you get them all?

8 / 10
Vuvuzela Fever

Are there still people around you pulling out their 2010 World Cup Vuvuzelas and honking in your ear? Beat them up, but don't get thrown out of the stadium!

8 / 10
Stack da Police

The riot police have fallen out of the transportation unit in their containment boxes. Stack them up in the tractor beam, but watch out, because they're feisty.

8 / 10
Searching For the Truth

Emily is a good policewoman, but she is going to lose her job because her new boss hates her. Together with her friend, the detective Kenneth, she must find out the truth about why her old boss was fired and the powerful cult behind all this. Find suspicious packages at the airport, criminals on the escalator, and cult members in disguise.

8 / 10
Rizzoli and Isles: The Boston Butch

Can you help Rizzoli and Isles put away another murderer? Look around at the scene of the crime, collect evidence, track down leads, and send your findings to the lab. Can you catch the Boston Butcher?

8 / 10
Mental Murder

Can you escape from this mental world? Get in the car and bring the characters to the right place without the police getting you. Can you do it?

8 / 10
Run Batman Run

The police doesn't understand Batman. Help Christian Bale escape the police. Jump over the obstacles by clicking. Also watch out for the policemen who try to leap-tackle you. Soon they'll bring it the heavy artillery.

8 / 10
Graffiti Time

Run through town and find things to leave your graffiti tags on. Don't let the police catch you though! Collect the keys and make your way to the art rocket.

7.5 / 10
Rizzoli and Isles: The Masterpiece

Solve this murder case with Rizzoli and Isles. Look around at the scene of the crime, find hidden evidence, send it to the lab, and use the results to find the killer.

9.3 / 10

Knock over the protesters with the two policemen, but be sure to dodge the babies. Jump down with one policeman to launch the other, and hit the protesters on your way up or down.

8 / 10
Funny Army

Get your two men to the right place in the level. You can click next to them to make them move in the other direction. Can you get them to the end in time?

5 / 10
Theft Punk

You can only run ahead with the thief until you hit something. Then you can choose a new direction. Can you figure out how to grab all the diamonds?

0 / 10
Police Offroad Race

Race along the road in your police car. Can you overtake all the other cars? Stay ahead of the competition and reach the finish line first.

0 / 10

The police department

Did you know that the first police comparable to the force we know today started in 1667 under King Louis XIV? Their main task was and remains to enforce the law and to ensure public and social order. The police is also known by other names, such as the gendarmerie, police department, police service, protective services, crime prevention, constabulary, law enforcement agency, and a host of less neutral names. Members of the police force include police officers, troopers, sheriffs, constables, rangers, peace officers or Garda.

Police games online

We have made an overview of the best police games for you. First it\'s important to pick a side. Would you like to be part of the police squad and take down fugitives, defend yourself against shoplifters, be a detective and pursue gangsters? Or would you rather practice running from the police? In these games you can try to get away with car theft, practice your burgling skills, try to shake the police in a ghetto getaway, or escape from prison. Whatever side you choose, there\'s lots of fun to be had in these online police games!

We like these games:Police Sniper Training, Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit, Police Sniper 2, El Emigrante, The Scene of the Crime 2, Shooting range, Jail Break 2, Zombie Trapper, Road Crisis, Scania Driver