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Pizza Frenzy

Can you make sure your pizza store has nothing bu happy customers? Serve your customers quickly and invest in new upgrades.

8.2 / 10
Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack

The evil pizzas have kidnapped your employees. Can you find them and rescue them? Slap the pizzas and other food monsters with your cutting board and hit them with your pepper bombs.

8.2 / 10
Pizza Cafe

Play the pizza maker game Pizza cafe for free online!

0 / 10
Abattis Pizza

Nanette Manoir has ordered a pizza from Johnny Abatti's pizzeria. Angela, Gina, and Gordy have to help Johnny make the pizzas. Watch out for rats and spiders, and also make sure that Gina doesn't eat the toppings and that Gordy doesn't sneeze over your pizza.

0 / 10
Pappas Pizzeria

Pappa Louie has done it again. He's vanished and left you to run his store. Take your customers' orders, choose the right toppings, and bake the pizzas to perfecting. Make sure you have the right ticket up when you're working on your pizzas.

8.2 / 10
Cat Around Europe

Help the cat travel around Europe and collect all the food. Make the food roll or bounce toward the cat without hitting the electric fences, which will burn and ruin the yummy snacks.

8 / 10
Pizza Joint

Prepare some delicious pizzas for your customers. Make sure you don't make them wait too long. And don't forget to buy some new ingredients now and then.

8 / 10
Pappas Pizza

How long can you keep the Pappas Pizza pizzeria open? You gain a bit of time for every pizza you finish and put in the over (click on the paddle). Be as quick as possible, but also accurate enough to get the ingredients right. Good luck!

8 / 10
Homeade Pizza

Bake a pizza for your friend. First you have to decorate it with the best ingredients, and then you can bake it till it's just right. Spread the tomato sauce on the pizza dough and get creative. Have fun!

8 / 10
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party

Work on the farm and harvest all of the ingredients you need, to make the most delicious pizzas in your pizza restaurant. Pizzas hot from the oven!

8 / 10
Fish Pizza Cooking

Can you bake up a delicious pizza with fish on it? In this game you can! Make sure you have all the ingredients ready and go for it!

8 / 10
Pizza Buns

In this game you can learn how to make your own delicious pizza buns. Follow the instructions and find out how to prepare the ingredients.

8 / 10
Perfect Pizza

Copy the pizza as well as you can to earn points. Play it in speed mode to make as many pizzas as possible within the given time, of play career mode, in order to earn as much money as you can. When you have reached your goal you will get to work with more ingredients.

8 / 10
Ratatouille Pizza

In this cooking game you can bake a delicious pizza with ratatouille ingredients as pizza toppings. In other words, a ratatouille pizza!

0 / 10
Puppy Pizza

In this game, the little puppy Darling is going to teach you how to make a pizza. Of course, when it's done, Darling will want a bite of this puppy pizza.

0 / 10
Cooking Show Pizza

Making your own pizzas is easy. Are you tired of the variations the supermarket deep freeze isle has on offer? Learn to bake your own pizza with all of your favourite ingredients and nothing else!

8 / 10
Pizza Pronto

Prepare the pizzas with the right ingredients and put them in the oven. When they are ready, give them to your customers. Try to make the goal amount of money and order new ingredients when you run out.

8 / 10
Pizza City

Deliver the pizzas to all kinds of different locations in the city with your car. Drive in the right direction and try not to crash. Will you be fast enough with your deliveries?

8 / 10

Deliver pizzas to your Venetian customers as fast as you can by speeding through the canals. Jump over ramps with your boat, collect supplies and hidden treasures.

8 / 10
Pizza Delivery 2

First you take the phonecalls by clicking on the phone icon when it appears. Prepare the pizzas that the customers wants, and when they are ready you can drag them to one of your delivery boys. Click on the customers order so that a blue flag appears. This way the delivery boy knows where to go. Only when that is done should you click on SEND in the delivery boy menu. If you work fast enough you will get a tip. Click on the money to pick it up.

8 / 10
Pizza Match

Play the match-making waitress in this pizza game. Match up your customers and bring them their food. Entertain them during their meal and use magical items to lull them into a romantic mood.

8 / 10
Pretty Pizzeria Waitress

Dress up your own pretty pizzeria waitress. Choose a haircolour and style, and combine the best items of clothing with her waitress accessories such as her hats and aprons. Choose a nice background picture too.

8 / 10
Escape Ecru Room

Use all kinds of object you can find in this beige room to escape the pizzeria. Find and combine the right objects. Look in cupboards, under tables, in and under pots to find what you need. Good luck in the ecru room!

8 / 10
Pizza Shack

Make your own pizza and junk food meals. Not in a stone oven but in a factory. check the tutorial first to find out how the different machines in the factory work. Then go to the factory and prepare the different orders.

8 / 10
Pizza Designer

Can you design the perfect pizza? Try it now in this game. Select all your favourite ingredients and decorate the pizza slice, but try to avoid culinary disaster...

8 / 10
Sisi's Pizza

Make the right pizza's with Sisi. Choose the ingredients you need and sprinkle them over the pizza to bake a delicious dinner.

8 / 10
Pizza Rolls

Learn how to make pizza rolls in this fun cooking game. A pizza but them rolled up and chopped into bite-size rolls. Follow them instructions on screen to learn how to make them!

8 / 10

Make all kinds of delicious pizzas in this pizza game. You have to try to make the pizzas your customers ask for so that they pay you and go away happy.

6.7 / 10
Pizza With Bacon

Learn how to prepare a delicious pizza with bits of bacon in this fun kitchen. Follow the instructions and you'll even learn how the dough is made.

8 / 10
Grilled Cheese

In this game you can learn to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Cut up the bread and use lots of delicious cheese that will melt in the oven.

8 / 10
Pizza Buonissima

In this game you can learn how to make a delicious pizza. Make the dough and decorate the pizza with all your favourite ingredients! Delicious and freshly made!

8 / 10
Flying Pizza Kitty Attack

In this Space Invaders lookalike the point of the game is to help Flying Pizza Kitty to shoot down the Jetpack Lizards down. The pizza slices are your weapons.

6 / 10
Italian Pizza Match

First you choose a pizza. Try to remember exactly what it looked like. Then you will have to recreate the pizza and put it in the oven to bake. Did you make it just right?

4 / 10
Pizza Margarita

Make your own pizza margarita. Choose the ingredients you need, then head to the kitchen. Follow the instructions to learn how to do it.

4 / 10
4 Cheeses Pizza

Bake a delicious pizza in this game, but make sure the clock doesn't run out before you're done. The pizza you're baking today has four different kinds of cheese on it!

2 / 10
Sling Shot Scooters

The pizza delivery boy's scooter has raced off on its own accord. Shoot the delivery boy after it so that he will land on the scooter.

0 / 10

Deliver a pizza or bake one!

Play a pizza game from this overview. Work as a pizza chef and bake the most delicious Italian pizzas. Prepare customer orders or be creative and design your very own pizza. The best part is jumping onto your scooter and racing through town to deliver your pizzas. The faster you deliver the higher your tip, of course. Maybe you can even pick up some bunos points on the way there by collecting coins or doing crazy jumps. The best pizza games online are collected for you in the overview below!

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