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The Lego Treasure Hunt

Make your way through the mazy castle and collect the coins. With the coins you can buy useful items to help your find the four puzzles you need to solve to get the treasure. Good luck!

8.1 / 10
Master and Commander

Shoot the ship Acheron to bits with the Russell Crowe's ship from Master and Commander. make sure the canonballs are all loaded and fire at your enemy.

8 / 10
Puke the Pirate

A fun platform game with nice graphics. Collect coins with the pirate but watch out for all of the dangerous crabs and other games on the island.

8.3 / 10
1001 Pirates

Stop all the pirates sailing down the river. They are going to plunder your village if you don't blow up their boats with your cannon towers. Invest wisely!

6.7 / 10
Pirates Cortez's Gold

Raid Cortez's fortress where his gold is hidden. You get 20 cannonballs. Use them to make as much gold as you can by sinking the other ships and destroying the castle.

8 / 10
Cover Orange Journey Pirates

Protect the oranges aboard the pirate ship against the deadly rain. Can you roll them to safety and/or build a roof over them?

8 / 10
Fish Pirate

Catch as many fish as you can and put them in your treasure chest. You have to catch the fish with the pirate on the raft, and then your also have to aim well to throw them into the chest. Can you do it?

8 / 10
Snoring Treasure Island

You're out looking for treasure, but the elephant keeps falling asleep! Can you help the other animals push him over to wake him up? All the animals will chip in. Can you help them collect the coins at the same time?

8 / 10
Pirate: Tides of Fortune

In this great MMORTS game by Plarium you can become a pirate king, captaining your own boats and crew. Hire crew members, buy boats, and search for treasures and adventures on the seven seas!

8 / 10
Pirate Frenzy

Make the cannonballs roll down the gaffs and yards so that they fall into the pipes by titling the ship's rigging. The smaller the pipe the more points you get. Use the cannonballs you get to score the necessary points.

8 / 10
Pirate Bullets

Shoot the yellow crates but makes sure you don't hit the red ones with your cannon. Choose the right pirate to launch at the crates each time.

8 / 10
Pirate Treasure

In this German beach game you have to help the pirate find the right way to the treasure. Collect the key to open the gate and use your henchmen to help you clear the way when necessary.

8 / 10
Caribbean Admiral

Attack all of the other ships you come across at sea. Try to sink them all before they get a chance to sink your boat! Can you do it?

8.1 / 10

Recruit people to work on your pirate ship so that you can counter attack when your boat is under attack. Shoot back at your attackers.

8 / 10
Black Sails

Sail the Caribbean seas and fight sea battles. Collect gold to buy bigger and better cannons and ships so that your can recruit a larger crew. When you have enough men you can oust the French, English, or the Spanish and ransack their settlements.

8 / 10
Capn Marcela Parrot Charmer

Help the pirate Marcela chase the pirate thief Morgan off her island. Look around and talk to the villager to collect the items you need to scare Morgan away.

0 / 10
Pirates of the Undead Sea

Can you help the pirate search deep in the sea for his lost property, useful items, and above all some adventure. He's getting very bored being undead and underwater.

7.6 / 10
Master of the Secret Sea

Sail around the world as a merchant. Make money through trade and by carrying out missions. Fight off pirates or become one and attack other merchants. Maintain your reputation, hire crew, stock up on necessary supplies and weaponry, and above all, have fun!

8 / 10
Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows

Solve the mystery of the pirates and the ghost in this fun game. Help the ghost of the deceased woman find the other half of the golden heart? Look around carefully and solve all the puzzles along the way in this exciting point and click adventure.
With this expanded language pack version you can choose between extra language options. Now you can examine the clues in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and more!

8 / 10

Play a fun version of worms with pirates. Use all kinds of creative ways to shoot your enemies, but make sure you don't get blown into the sea.

8 / 10
Blackbeard Down

You're sailing in the Golf of Aden and you can choose to play either the rampaging pirates or the US Navy sent there to retaliate. You need to destroy the ships of the opposing party with your cannon. Will you play Captain Blackbeard or the US Navy in the Blackbeard Down Pirate game?

8 / 10
Captain Blox Lost Coins

Help Captain Blox the pirate find all the lost coins. Collect the coins, open the locks of the treasure chests, and find the keys to open the exit!

8 / 10
Pirates 2

Sail around the seas in search of a valuable treasure map. Shoot all the enemy ships and cannon towers to pieces. Collect the dubloons and the power-ups.

8 / 10
Dora's Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt

Will you help Dora and Boots retrieve the treasure in time for the pirate party? But you must find the treasure before the Pirate Piggies collect it! Have fun with Dora's Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt!

8 / 10
Cutlass Reef

Sail the seven seas and defend yourself against enemy fleets. Pirate their gold and use it to arm your ship and crew for the next sea battle. And entertaining and addictive game.

8 / 10
I'd Like to Be the Captain

Try to become the captain of all the pirates. You will have to collect all the gold coins and the magic gems. Defeat all your your enemies: the rival pirates, ninjas, and monsters.

0 / 10
Sea Fight Game

Hoist the Jolly Roger and sail the seven seas with your pirate crew. Will you win many sea battles and rob your enemies to become the most infamous pirate captain ever in this real-time MMO game? Have fun!

0 / 10
Pirate Ship

Pimp your pirate ship. Choose the sails, masts, colour of the ship, and much more. Let a giant shark attack your ship, or let skeletons hang down from the masts to scare your enemies.

8 / 10
Pirate Race

Other pirates have also seen the treasure map. Make sure you are the first to reach the island in this pirate race. Pirates are pirates, of course, and so they don't always play fair. In this race you're allowed to shoot your opponents.

8 / 10
Pirates of the Caribbean

Sail around the whirlpool in the Black Pearl and collect enough souls to give to Davy Jones in exchange for Jack Sparrow's life. Also collect gunpower to shoot at the kraken when it appears.

8 / 10
Pirates vs Ninjas

You'll need all of your 20 lives in this pirates vs ninjas game. Stab all of the pirates with your ninja sword before they kill you. Don't spend too much time blocking without attacking or you'll be pushed all the way back.

8 / 10
Pirate Launch

Shoot the pirate away as far as you can each turn. At first you won't get very far and you'll sink pretty quick, but keep upgrading to improve your shot with the money you win.

8 / 10
Pirate Girl Dress Up

Pick out some nice clothes for this pirate girl. You can choose any kind of pirate look you like best, tough or pretty, or put together your own favourite look.

8 / 10
Cannon Blast

Become a one legged pirate and man the cannons. Sink the passing boats before they get the chance to shoot at you!

8 / 10
Cake Pirate

Go on an adventure with your pirate ship. Make sure you defeat all of your opponents on land or on the sea. Shoot all the others in order to win the battle.

8 / 10
Xtreme Buccaneer

Your ship is under attack! Defend yourself against a whole boatful of pirates. Use your cannon when you have the time, and use your sword and pistol to defeat your opponents.

8 / 10
Pirate Dress Up

Make sure this pirate comes to look like a fearful pirate again. Try on some different clothes and pick the outfit that you think suits the pirate best.

8 / 10
Time Travelling

Travel through time and use your brains to help out all kinds of people and animals in need. Can you collect the useful items and figure out how to use them?

8 / 10
Tower Breaker 2: Across the Seas

Help the prince undertake a journey to find a new country for his subjects to live in. Use your cannon to blast the enemies you encounter during your trip out of the way.

8 / 10
Trapdoor and Treasure

The pirates follow the captain into battle like lemmings. Therefore the captain is the most important pirate to preserve. The more pirates you manage to move through the level the more successful your raids. Exit bottom left. Avoid the skeletons.

8 / 10
The Pirates Time

Shoot with your pirate crew and boat cannons and try to hit everything you have to hit. Your targets will be indicated, so all you have to do is aim well.

8 / 10
Whack a Crab

Whack all of the crabs before they pinch Captain Jack Sparrow. You can only hit them when they're walking about. Are you fast enough to whack them?

8 / 10
Roll Roll Pirate

Try to get roll your pirate across the moving island. Your pirate wants the diamond, but it's not always easy to get it. Watch out for the water, because he doesn't want to fall in!

8 / 10
Captain Steelbounce

Bounce the cannonballs back at the stones to break them and collect the falling treasure with Captain Steelbounce's pirate ship. Bounce more cannonballs at the same time to double and triple your score. You will need a certain amount of points to unlock every level.

8 / 10
Coastal Cannon

Shoot the bombs at the pirates. Make sure the bombs don't bounce into the water. If they land in the boat the fuse will burn up and the boat will be blown up. Don't let the pirates get to you!

8 / 10
Davey Jones Tower Defence

Protect the pirate from the beasties crawling up the beach. Build all kinds of defensive towers in the sand. A game with lots of fun upgrades!

0 / 10

Try to stack the pills of the same colours onto the coloured fuzzy creatures. You can make diagonals too. You can't play away the skulls and crossbones. You will have to work around them.

8 / 10
Pirates Blast

Use the Z/X/C/V keys to shoot the bombs with cannonballs in the right colours. Don't miss, because the missiles will destroy your boat when they reach you. Save up for useful upgrades, such as improving cannon reload speed.

8 / 10
Pirate Style

What's your favourite pirate look? Give the pirate girl some nice clothes to wear in this fun pirate themed dress up game. Which clothes will you choose?

2 / 10
Space Pirate vs Alien Lobsters

Knock the alien lobsters off the platforms with the space pirate. Use your bombs and blow the lobsters off the platforms to retrieve your stolen sword.

0 / 10

Shoot all the marbles of the same colour against each other until the progress bar is full. That way you can collect stars to trade for coins to fill up your pirate ship.

0 / 10
Bravebull Pirates

Can you save the girl from the pirates? Help the bul reach her in each level. Use the drills and the springs to push and bounce the bull in the right direction.

0 / 10


Piracy is robbery or crime at sea or on water. Pirates have been around as long as people use the oceans as trade routes. The gulf of Aden is also known as the \"pirate alley\" due to the large amount of pirate activity in this area. In cartoons and adventure stories pirates are very popular. You must have heard of Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean!

Pirate games online

Play the wildest pirate games online. There is a pirate version with Lego figures, SpongeBob, and Blackbeard. Blast your cannons, find the treasure, or pimp your pirate ship. Have fun playing these great pirate games!

We like these games:The Lego Treasure Hunt, Master and Commander, Puke the Pirate, 1001 Pirates, Pirates Cortez's Gold, Cover Orange Journey Pirates, Fish Pirate, Snoring Treasure Island, Pirate: Tides of Fortune, Pirate Frenzy