King of Defenders 2

In this game you are John Terry, King of Defenders. You have to score as many goals as you can. It looks easy, but can you do it?

7.9 / 10
Soccer Ball

Shoot the balls in the goal. Take penalty shots and make sure your score more points than your opponent does. How far will you get?

8 / 10
New Star Soccer

In this soccer game you have to take aim at the goal first. Then the ball will come flying by and you have to kick it in the right spot to get past your opponents. Keep an eye on the wind too!

8 / 10
Super Goals

Score goals with free kicks in this game, or shame the glory and pass a cross to your teammates who will use this perfect assist to score a goal.

8 / 10
Freekick Mania

Keep an eye on the movements of the goalkeeper and decide you you can best place your free kick in the goal. Switch players and don't forget to use the fireball.

8 / 10
Penalty 3D

Win the soccer match with a series of beautiful penalty kicks in this great 3D football game! Take a run up and kick the ball into the corners to kick it past the goalkeeper and score!

0 / 10
Flash Golden Cup

Can you run up to the goal and score the winning points in this championship? Kick the ball past the players defending the goal. Can you get past the goalkeeper too?

8 / 10
Euro Cup Kicks

Can you score a goal with every free kick in this soccer game? Aim carefully by setting the angle, direction, and curve carefully to get the ball past the goal keeper and all the other players.

8 / 10
EC Penalty Game

Shoot penalties in this football game. Choose the right direction, the curve, and the speed of your run to get the ball past the wall and the goalkeeper and into the goal. Will your team win?

8 / 10
Free Kick Duel

Choose your opponents and see you can score the most free kicks. You will take turns to kick the ball. Look carefully at your opponent and copy his technique perfectly.

8 / 10
Shoot 'em In

Prove your skills at the direct free kick. Move in on the ball and score the goal.

8 / 10
Vrije Trap 7

Raul may be lounging on the beach, but that doesn't mean he can't still play football and take good free kicks. Take your shot at the goal and score.

8 / 10
Magical Kicks

In this game you get to take a couple of free penalty shots! Can you kick the ball at the right speed and angle and with the right effect to get it past the goalkeeper?

8 / 10
Perfect Free Kick

Set the speed, direction, and lift for this series of free kicks. Keep an eye on the wind and adapt your settings to it. Shoot past the opposing players and land the ball in the goal with the perfect free kick.

8 / 10
Copa Livertadores

Take the penalty shots and see if you can get the ball past the goalkeeper to score the deciding points! Choose the right speed, angle and bend!

8 / 10
Baggio Magical Kicks

Take a shot at the goal with Robby Baggio, the uncrowned king of the direct free kick, and score! Aim carefully by setting the right speed and direction, and kick the ball past the goalkeeper.

8 / 10
The Champions 4 World Domination

Can you score the winning goals and win the cup in these championships? Kick hard and aim for the goal. Can you kick the ball past the defence?

8.4 / 10
Stan James Free Kick

In this classic game you can prove how good you are at the direct free kick. Classic, because the whole game is designed to look that way: Black and white images, mustachioed Stan James, and the blotchy old film effects on the screen. Well worth looking at.

8 / 10
Ronaldo's Free Kick

Score points on the field with Christiano Ronaldo. Try to take the free kicks and shoot them all into the goal. Can you get the ball past the goalkeeper?

8 / 10
Goal Street

Shoot the ball into the goal. You have to face only the keeper, because you take only free kicks. Choose the right speed and position, and keep an eye on the wind.

8 / 10

Deliver the perfect free kick!

Are you good at football? Then show us how good you are at free kicks. When it\'s time for the penalty kicks, can your team count on you to score the necessary points? The most difficult part is to get the ball past the wall the opposing team\'s players may form by standing side-by-side while keeping enough spin and speed to still surprise the goalkeeper. Can you clear the wall and ake the goalie by surprise? Shoot the ball into the net with a direct penalty kick or an indirect one. Try it now!

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