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Art Pad

Draw whatever you feel like. In this art pad game you're not constrained to colouring in someone else's drawing. You can create your own drawings with your mouse. Have fun!

8.1 / 10
Art Pad

Paint pictures like an artist, become a master of the mouse. Or just doodle. Once your canvas is done you can choose a frame and hang it in an art gallery as the centre piece. Don't forget to sign your work. ;)

8 / 10
Imagine Artist

Colour in this picture. You can follow the example that is coloured in, or you can come up with entirely different colours to use.

7.8 / 10
Pirates Paintings

Spot the one difference between these pictures of famous paintings and Pirate's forgeries. There's always one little detail that Pirate messed up. Can you spot them all?

8 / 10
Color an Easter Egg

Painting easter eggs is one of the most fun things about Easter. Now you can get some practice for your real egg by painting easter eggs online!

8 / 10
Paint Wars

Paint over the shapes completely to make them disappear, but watch out for the anooying spray paint tanks which roll in to undo your work.

8 / 10

Draw a line over all of the blue squares while avoiding the red ones. Check the tutorial to see which squares are good and which ones are to be avoided. There are also some moving squares you will need to dodge.

8 / 10

Show us how well you can paint!

Are you a real artist with paint and brushes? Now you can paint pictures online in these fun painting games. Start with a blank canvas and select your tools and colours. Use your mouse to draw lines and shapes and paint a pretty picture. Now you can keep your table clear of acrylic paint, oils paints, and water paints. You won\'t make any mess with these painting games. And if you\'re pleased with you online results, you can always try it with real paper and paint.

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