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Shooting paint and Paintball

You no longer have to plak paintball wearing a mask and a special suit. Now you can play paintball online with the pain and the bruises! There are different types of paintball games. There is Total Elimination, Capture the Flag, Central Flag, or Scenarioball. Shoot paint bullets in any one of these games. Pick your targets and eliminate them by firing enough paint at them.

We like these games:Color Tanks, Dyehard Paintball, Office Paintball, Presidential Paintball, Stress Paintball

Color Tanks
Shoot all the other tanks with your paintball cannon. Can you defeat them all and face the bosses to collect all the battle medals? Don't forget to use the upgrade menu!
8 / 10
Dyehard Paintball
Can you win this paintball match? Shoot your opponents with your balls of paint, but dodge his shots by diving away on time. Can you keep from getting hit?
8 / 10
Office Paintball
Take your paintball gun and shoot all of the smiley's that pop up in your office. Your colleagues seem not to notice very much of it...
8 / 10
Presidential Paintball
The presidential candidates have decided to change their strategy for the elections. No more money spent on extensive campaigning! This time they're just going to duke it out with a paintball battle in the White Huis!
8 / 10
Stress Paintball
Feeling bored at the office? Play this game of Stress Relief Paintball. Shoot the stress relief smileys in an office setting, at your desk or during meetings.
8 / 10