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Play Olympics games here!

the Olympic Games are held every two years, alternating between the Summer and Winter Olympics. Two years is not the often, but luckily you can enjoy the olympics every day from your very own desk chair by playing these online olympic games. Winter or summer, choose the games you like best regardless of the season. And don\'t you know participating and having fun are more important than winning? ...Though of course getting to take home a gold medal is great too!

We like these games:100 Metres Race, Hurdle Rush, The First Olympic, World's Strongest Man, High Dive Hero, Olympclicks 2008

100 Metres Race
Play 100 Metres Race, a nice Sports game for free!
0 / 10
Hurdle Rushnew
Play Hurdle Rush, a nice Sport game for free!
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The First Olympic
Zeus has made an agreement with some of the Greek people to come watch the first Olympics, but when he comes down from Mount Olympos the next day it turns out that they were so excited that they got drunk and thrashed the stadium. Zeus is furious, so as Greece's foremost party planner you must now clear all the amphoras and restore the stadium.
8.3 / 10
World's Strongest Man
Are you the strongest man in the world? In this strongman competition you can compete in many different events. Show off your skills by performing the greatest feats of strength.
8 / 10
High Dive Hero
Make the most beautiful competition dive at the Olympics. Jump off the diving board and try to perform the best turns and stunts before you hit the water.
8 / 10
Olympclicks 2008
Click the targets as often and rapidly as you can in Olympclicks 2008. Try to hit the moving targets, teleporting targets, stationary and bouncing targets. Maybe you'll win the gold medal...
8.3 / 10