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Rick Dangerous
Help Rick find his way safely through this dangerous maze. Watch out, because the maze is full of deadly traps and other dangerous obstacles. Can you get past them?
8 / 10
Duck Hunt
The original Duck Hunt! Choose to shoot either 1 or 2 ducks while they fly past! Use your rifle to knock them down. Are you fast enough to aim properly and shoot?
8.5 / 10


Nintendo is a Japanese company which produces video games. Did you know that the Nintendo business has a market value of 85 billion dollar? And that if you translate Nintendo into English it means: \"Leave luck to heaven\"? Mario is Nintendo\'s most famous character. You can play your favorite Nintendo games on the Wii, gameboy, gamecube and DS and have fun with Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Duck Hunt! Do you remember any of these classics? Take a trip down memory lane!

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