Nanny McPhee Uglifier
In this game you can use Nanny McPhee's magic to uglify yourself or someone else. upload a photo of your own or choose one from the collection of pictures in the game and add some warts, a witch's nose, or a big monobrow.
8 / 10
Wall Paper Maker
With this Nanny McPhee wallpaper maker you can make your own background picture for your computer with the characters from the Nanny McPhee films. Have fun!
0 / 10
Nanny McPhee Mud Splat
Have a big mud fight with the kids from the Nanny McPhee movie. They're hiding behind the furniture in the messy room. Throw mud at them as soon as they pop out of their hiding places. But make sure you don't hit Nanny McPhee or you'll be in trouble!
0 / 10
Pig Game
How quickly can you click away all the piglets in this fun Nanny McPhee game? The faster you are the more extra time your get. Nanny McPhee is played by Emma Thompson.
7.3 / 10

Nanny McPhee

You\'ve probably already heard of or even seen the Nanny McPhee films. Nanny McPhee is the magical nanny who looks after the oblivious Cedric Brown and his seven naughty children. Every time the children grow a little bit more responsible and nice, the first very ugly and witch-like Nanny McPhee undergoes a transformation and becomes a little more beautiful.

Nanny McPhee Games

In these Nanny McPhee games you can do all sorts of fun things. Make your own Nanny McPhee desktop background for your computer, or upload your own picture (or a picture of a friend) and uglify it with Nanny McPhee\'s bulbous nose and snaggletooth, warts, monobrow, etc. Play memory or a mud fight with the characters from the movie, and more!

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