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Keep your fingers on the keys Press them down at the right moment and become a guitar hero in Adagio!

6.2 / 10
Riff Master

Play the guitar like Slash in this music game. Choose a guitar and a song. The buttons are indicated and slide by. Hit the right button at the right time.

7.9 / 10
Battle of the Bands

Play some songs on the guitar in this guitar hero game. React fast to the music notes you will need to play. Can you even play all the fast parts flawlessly.

8 / 10
Mix Master Beats

Mix your own music in Mix Master Beats. Choose a track for each instrument you want to include and mix them together. Add a couple of stings and record your own track.

8 / 10
Amusix Flute

Play the flute and try to get something out of it that sounds like music. Alicia will teach you how to play a melody on your flute.

8.2 / 10
Virtual Keyboard

In this online piano game you can learn how to play some of the theme songs of famous games such as Zelda theme and the theme from Super Mario. Click on the keyboard icon top left to switch between using the mouse and the keyboard to press the piano keys.

8 / 10
Play Piano

This cheerful piano features all the colours of the rainbow. Can you play some songs on this colourful instrument? Experiment with sound and have fun playing!

8.7 / 10
Singing easter eggs

Here's a crazy, fun game. Try to make music by clicking on the easter eggs to make them sing. Lots of silly easter fun.

8 / 10
Coolio Beat 2

More songs to play with the Coolio Beat band. Are you able to become a band member, or are you doomed to be a rock failure? Find out by seeing if you can hit the right keys and the right moment in Coolio Beat 2.

7.8 / 10
Guitar Nero

Svae your friends, play the guitar and get rid of the evil green slimes with Guitar Nero.

8 / 10
Guitar Maniac 3

Become a guitar hero with this Super Crazy guitar game. Play Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 and pick from a variety of songs to play. Keep up your score and prove your skills!

8 / 10
Ding Dong

Can you collect all the bells by bouncing the bear in the bubble with the mouse. Watch out for the wasps and the balls with spikes.

6 / 10
Whistle with Snow White

Snow white and the seven dwarfs love to make music. Watch them play and then copy their music exactly. Is your memory sound enough?

8 / 10
Play Guitar

In this fun music game you can try to compose your own song. Pick the chords you want to play and see what happens. Can you play the guitar?

5 / 10
Rock Star Dress Up

Dress up this rock star for her performance. Put together the best outfits from all kinds of clothes and shoes and accessories. Does she play the guitar or is she the lead singer? You get to choose!

8 / 10
Music Matrix

Make music by clicking on the blocks. The light goes on and a note will play, when the light goes off it won't play. Turn them on or off to create your own tune.

8.1 / 10
Piano Bar

Play a nice tune on the piano for your date in Piano Bar. Type the letters on the music notes as they pass the bar. Make sure the heart fills all the way up with love for your music.

8 / 10
Symphonic Bus Tour

Race the symphonic tour bus across the hills. You can make the bus jumps as well, which is good, because you need to dodge lots of obstacles on the way. Make sure the bus doesn't get smashed to pieces.

8 / 10
Coolio Beat

Rock out with these rockers by pressing the right keys at the right moments to play the notes. Check your ranking based on your skill. Will you qualify as a band member or are you doomed to be a rock failure?

8 / 10
DJ Fest 2

Scratch the records for your audience in the club like a real DJ in this extended sequel to DJ Fest. Turn the record so that you hit the neon streaks.

8 / 10
Mini Drum Pro

Learn to drum like a pro. Type the right key for every note that passes the along the bar. Type the key at the right moment and get a high score for your good drumming.

8 / 10
Play Time

Direct a play with lots of different children in it. When they are on the stage, make sure they all follow your directions. Click on the right things and make sure that everyone is busy doing what they must on the stage.

8 / 10
Symphony in Bee

Compase a symphony with your bee in this game. Fly up and down to collect the right flowers and make the music sound tolerable. You'll need fast reactions to make your symphony work!

8 / 10
Super Crazy Guitar Mania Deluxe

Hit the right keys on your keyboard to play the guitar in this fun guitar hero game. Can you play the music without any mistakes? Try it now!

0 / 10
Sheep Beats

In this game you can put together a music band with sheep. You also manage their music by deciding who plays what and when they start playing. Make some noise!

8.1 / 10
Good Game Disco

Always wanted to own your own disco and bar? In this game you get to manage your own venue and throw non-stop parties. Upgrade your club and make it famous!

8 / 10
Iron Maiden Flight 666

You want to get the music playing with as much volume as you can. That's why extra speakers are being flown in. Drop them near the people so they can turn up the music.

8.2 / 10
DJ Fest

Scratch like a real DJ in a club in this guitar hero-like game. Make sure the arrow passes over all of the bars heading for your turntable.

8 / 10
DJ Dance Club

At this party you are the DJ. Play music for the party-goers and make sure they're all having fun and enjoying the music you play. Switch tracks often enough to keep them interested.

8 / 10
Leet Street Boys

Play music in a band with this manga style music game. Charm the girls in the audience by pressing the right arrow keys at the right moment. In the meanwhile there's a little film playing in the background.

8 / 10
Rockin Roadie

Race through the levels with the rockin' roadie and him motorcycle full of music instruments. Make sure you don't crash or the band won't be able to perform much tonight...

8.2 / 10
Sonic Boom Town 2

Join the babes of the Sonic Boom gang and terrorize the city by blowing up buildings with your sound installation. Earn money and upgrade your car.

8 / 10
Aerobics Dance Training

Help the instructor get her aerobics and dance class ready to perform a routine. The participants are lazy and easily tired out. Help the instructor by motivating them and replenishing their energy.

8 / 10

Make music with the Veronicas. They're working on a new album and could use your help. Can you help them make it a succes?

4.9 / 10
Music Catch 2

A lovely relaxing music game. Collect the yellow and purple music notes and symbols to the accompaniment of calm piano music and score medals for your achievements.

8 / 10
Rock It Racer

Ride through the forest on your skateboard and collect all the music notes that your band has lost. You have to find them all fast, because the band is about to perform! Can you help them on time?

8 / 10
Music Catch

Part one of the legendary music game Music Catch. Grab the yellow and the purple music notes and symbols, watch out for the red ones, and enjoy the calming piano music.

8 / 10
Festival Bottler

You're not enjoying the festival in this game. Piss on everybody else's parade. Throw full bottles at the stage and try to hit someone in the band.

8 / 10
Music Blox

In this game you can make some music using the sound blocks. Click on the blocks to find out what kind of sounds they make. This way you can create a pattern.

8 / 10
Weezer Jam Session

Drum with the band by pressing the right key at the right moment. There is no tutorial to this game. You jump right in, so be sure to read the list of keys before pressing enter to start the game.

0 / 10
Midnight Serenade

Serenade your lover with passion. Not all of the neighbours will appreciate this, so you should avoid all of the trash they throw at you. Try to catch all of your loved one's roses.

0 / 10

All kinds of games that have to do with music!

Here you\'ll find a collection of music games. Whether or not you can really play an instrument or play in a band doesn\'t matter at all. Everybody can make and listen to music online. Play the flute, piano, drums, guitar, bass, whatever instrument takes your fancy today. In some of these games you can try a bit of practice first, and with other you can just jump right into the game. Pick your instrument and play!

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