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Road of Fury

In this game you have to drive through enemy territory with your convoy of cars and reach the end of the road. Can you save up for great power-ups? How far can you get?

8.9 / 10
Mega Bus

Drive a mega bus out of London. Are yu a good driver? Can you collect tickets while dodging the obstacles on the road? Race against one other mega bus.

7.8 / 10
Highway Pursuit

In this world of high speed pursuits only one person can save the day: You! Race over the highway and arrest the driver of the red car. But watch out: Nobody is on your side. Everyone will have to make way for you, or feel the consequences!

8 / 10
Drugs Escape

Drive on the highway and switch lanes to grab the drugs and the jerry cans. Make sure you don't hit the other cars, as this will damage your own car quite badly. What's your high score?

8.6 / 10
Night Rider Turbo

Dodge all the other cars in the road late at night. You are driving too fast, and if you crash it won't end well. You'll crack the windscreen, and then you'll be able to see even less!

8 / 10
Police Chase Crackdown

Catch up with the gangsters in your police car and arrest them. Drive alongside the car until the arrest meter is full. Can you catch them all?

8.1 / 10
Super Drift 2

Race along the circuit and drift through the bends. Try to stay in control as you tear around the corners. Can you stay ahead of your opponent?

8 / 10
Street Runner

Race long the motorway. Of course you can keep up the speed, but it's even more important not to receive too much damage before you reach the finish. Watch out for the roadblocks, the crossing trains and trucks, and for the other cars who like to bash you out of their way.

8 / 10
German Autobahn

Racing down the motorway in a Formula One racing car. Need we say more? There is no speedlimit for you on the smooth and wide German autobahn.

8 / 10
Drag Race 3D

In this racing game you have to defeat other teams of street racers with your car. Use the prize money to buy better car parts or a more powerful car. Defeat all the other drivers in these drag races!

6 / 10
Moto Run

Race across the motorway in your motorcycle race and overtake all the other drivers. Make sure you don't run into a car though!

8.2 / 10
Kamikaze Race

As the title of the game suggests, you're bound to crash soomer or later. Probably sooner. You have to try and keep your car intact and on the road for as long as you can. How long will you last?

8 / 10
Red Driver 4

Race your red car down the motorway and be sure not to crash into anything. You'll have to dodge all the other cars on the road.

8 / 10
Driving Warroir

Collect the bullets and dodge the bombs. Can you shoot all the other cars? Make sure you don't get hit! How far can you drive?

9 / 10
Freeway Fruy

Jump from car to car and make sure you don't fall or you'll hit the deck pretty hard. Drive slowly and then leap forward, left or right.

8 / 10
Speed Biker

Try to reach the end of this racing track as fast as possible. Overtake the slow cars, but be careful! They seem to drive in your way as much as they can. Don't get too frustrated, don't get to smashed up, but don't get overtaken either.

8 / 10
Lost Race

Your objective is not to win, but to cause as many crashes and accidents as you can. Can you cause maximum chaos on the motorway?

8 / 10
Heavy Tow Truck

Can you drive a big truck? Drive the large tow truck through town. Follow the arrows. Can you park the truck in the parking space at the end of the ride? Tricky!

8 / 10
Motorway Brawl 1

Help the inept Philpot and Dave out. They're stoners and can't drive too well, but they want to get to the Glastonbury festival. They are also anxious that no one else should get there, so cause oil slicks on the road to deter others.

8 / 10
Freeway Fighter

Race over the motorway and try not to hit anyone. Drive as fast as you can but stay in control and keep your car in one piece. Don't slip off the road.

8 / 10
Freeway Fury 3

Jump from one car to the next on the highway. Kick the driver out and take the wheel. Try to cause as much damage as you can to the cars around you. If your car catches fire you can always jump onto and take over another one, just don't miss when you jump!

8 / 10
StreetRace Fury

In this Streetracer game you have to try to stay ahead of your competition. Switch gears at the right moment, when the dial is in the green zone, to speed up and stay in the lead. Use the prize money to upgrade your car!

7 / 10
Modern Moto Racers

Race along the road on your motorcycle. Can you dodge all the obstacles and the other vehicles? Grab the shield and power-up icons.

8 / 10
Crash Town 2

Make sure the cars in Crash Town don't smash into each other by placing signs on the road and by the crossings.

8 / 10
Pixel Outlaw

In this game you drive down the road on your motorbike. You have to shoot all the others on the road, and be quick about it, before they manage to shoot and kill you!

8 / 10
Central Park NY Racing

Be sure to cross the finish line before any of your opponents do in this racing game. Race through Central Park in New York and win first place!

0 / 10
Club Nitro

Drive your car across the road. the circuit is a street in a city, so watch out to take the right turns. Can you collect all the coins along the way?

0 / 10
Deadly Road Trip

In this game you have to make it to the end of the highway, because that's where the treasure is hidden. On the way you will have to shoot your enemies to take their fuel, and overtake everyone else.

0 / 10
Zombie Night Madness

The road is full of cars and other junk, and especially zombies! Try to shoot as many zombies as you can while keeping your car in one piece.

0 / 10
Goat Mechanic

You're a goat and you're working for an evil car mechanic. Throw things onto the road and cause accidents so your boss has enough work and pay. The more dramatic the accident, the more cash your evil boss rakes in.

0 / 10

Play games on the motorway!

Here you\'ll find an overview of games that are set on a motorway. Race across it with a motorcycle or a car. These motorways are often long, straight, and crowded. Try to weave your way through traffic and avoid crashing your car. There might even be a traffic jam, which you must try to avoid. Otherwise you might find the police chasing you down the motorway too. Have fun!

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