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Monkey Lander
Collect tasty fruit in your coconut-fuel driven spaceship until the landing pad appears. Land as gently on the platform as possible, otherwise your monkey might not survive!
8 / 10
Mission to the Moon
Bring your space shuttle safely to the moon and land it there. To get that far, you first have to ensure that your shuttle's launch goes according to plan.
8 / 10
Blob Lander
Can you land Blob in exactly the right spot? Find the matching key first, otherwise you won't be able to exit the levels. Look around first to figure out where you need to go.
8 / 10
Welcome to the Moon
Fly across the lunar landscapes in Welcome to the Moon, but watch out for those rocks! Land on the green pad and make your way through the levels. Don't forget to recharge your fuel between stops!
8 / 10
Shadez 3 the Moon Miners
You've landed on the moon in this game. How quickly can you defeat all your enemies and win the battle? Good luck!
0 / 10

One small step for man...

Launch spaceships into space and land on the moon in these moonlander games. Use a moonlander such as the Apollo and make sure you don\'t touch down too hard!

We like these games:Monkey Lander, Mission to the Moon, Blob Lander, Welcome to the Moon, Shadez 3 the Moon Miners