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Mahjong Shanghai

Traditional Mahjong game with 144 tiles on the field. Try to get rid of all the tiles by completing melds (combinations or sets of tiles on the table). You can choose which level of difficulty you want to play in Mahjong Shanghai. It may be cheating, but even without completing a meld with a tile, you can see what tile is underneath by selecting it! Enjoy!

8 / 10
Crypt Raider

Place the blue orb in the transporter to charge it up. It will then bring you to the next level when you stand om it. Sometimes the transporter will need more than one orb to charge. Watch out for the mummies and the poisonous insects!

7.6 / 10
Viking Defence

Arm yourself against Viking raids, airborne monsters and sea monsters in this tower defence game. Unlock new weapons and buildings when you complete various challenges.

7.9 / 10
Big Catch

Beautiful fishing game. It looks like you are really outside. Grab your rod!

8 / 10
Heli Attack 3

Heli Attack 3 is an extensive game in which you play a soldier who is armed to the teeth and must defeat all kinds of robots and aliens. Collect weapons, dodge bullets, and shoot down the enemies!

8 / 10
Tennis Gland Slam

A very nice tennis game. Pick your preferred game modus, one match or Grand Slam tournament. Then pick the type of court you want to play on, clay, synthetic, grass, or hardcourt. Play your way to the top in Tennis Grand Slam!

8 / 10
Acid Factory

Collect the batteries and teleport to the next level in this platform puzzle adventure.

2 / 10
Boom Boom Volleyball

Lousy weather? Don't like sand in your shoes? Make a nice serve in this sunny beach volleyball game instead. Try to pass the ball to your opponent every time.

8 / 10
Stan skates

Stan Skates is not on the top of his game with skating, can you help him out before he has an accident? Jump over the obstacles and collect the icons for special moves. These moves only work once for every icon you collect though!

8 / 10
Snowboard Madness

In this great snowboarding game you can race against other snowboarders in a slalom tournament. Be quick, because you will need to qualify for the next level every race, but don't miss too many gates.

8 / 10
Heli Attack 2

Run around in this platform game and shoot all the helicopters that have been sent to kill you. Collect different kinds of weapons and run for cover in this limited space. Don't forget to switch weapon when you've collected a more powerful one.

8.1 / 10
Miniclip Sudoku

New Sudoku puzzles every day, ranged out along three different levels of difficulty so you can select the puzzles that suit your skills. Enjoy these new daily Miniclip Sudokus!

8 / 10
Most Wanted

Shoot all the bandits in Cowtown in this great cowboy shooting game. Keep a close eye on your 3D surroundings and shoot the bandits as soon as you spot them.

8 / 10
Cable Capers

Walk through the levels of the platform game Cable Capers and shoot with X! Climb up and down the ladders to reach the platforms and shoot everything that may hurt you. Can you make it to the end of the game?

8 / 10
Red Beard

Collect the coloured balls to operate the lifts and moving platforms. The goal is to collect the golden balls.

8 / 10
Rural Racer

Race one on one against the computer or go for the multiplayer mode! Make sure you stay ahead of your opponent and cross the finish line first to win the race!

8 / 10
Tennis Ace

After some practice you can become really good at tennis without even breaking a sweat! Run from side to side and return the ball to the other side each time!

6.4 / 10
Santa Snowline

Draw lines of snow for Santa to scoot over in his sled in order to collect all the presents. Direct him safely to the finish line, but make sure you don't run out of snow halfway!

8 / 10
Battle Pong

The classic game Pong in a new and faster edition: Battle Pong!

8 / 10
Pressure Shot

In Pressure Shot you play the game for the lowest score on the most individula holes: match play. Choose the right club and take your best shot. You start out in the sand bunker, so use a wedge.

5 / 10
Stress Paintball

Feeling bored at the office? Play this game of Stress Relief Paintball. Shoot the stress relief smileys in an office setting, at your desk or during meetings.

8 / 10

Clear the field of marbles by shooting together three or more marbles of the same colour. Shoot the cheese to win.

8.3 / 10

Roll the ball across the tiles and push ice blocks and crates in the right positions to create a path to the blue vortex. Watch out for the golden spheres, and don't fall in the water. Push crates towards the X-shaped claws to make a vortex appear, and push the ice block into the blue claws.

8 / 10
Deep Freeze

Help out Santa by freezing the bad guys with your ice gun. Oncoe they are solidly frozen, give them a shove and they will break to bits, revealing the presents they have stolen. Collect these for power ups. Work your way through all the levels. Have fun!

8 / 10
Commando 2

Part 2 of the mini clip game Commando. Shoot or stab everybody and collect ammunition.

8 / 10
Sushi Go Round

Prepare the right kind of sushi for your customers and keep them contented. Happy customers pay better and will help you reach your daily target, so do it as fast as you can!

8.5 / 10
Nordic Chill

Win a biathlon cross-country skiing and shooting in Nordic Chill!

8 / 10
Surf's up

Do you know how to surf? Get on your board to master the waves and show off your hottest moves. Can you keep your balance and stay standing on your board instead of falling into the sea? Have fun with this beach game.

8 / 10
Batting Champ

Play in the major or minor league and test your baseball batting skills in Batting Champ.

8.1 / 10
Superbike GP

Can you manage to stay on the bike at top speed in this 3D racer? Try to keep your balance as you tear through the bends in the racing circuit. Can you do it?

8 / 10

For the fast typers among us: test your typing skills. Prtect your cities from falling bombs by typing the correct letters. The further you get the faster the bombs drop.

8 / 10
Monkey Kick Off

Time your kick right and take a great big swing at the ball. Kick off as hard as you can and see how far you can get the ball to fly in Monkey Kick Off!

8 / 10

Help Zed in his search for gold and solve the levels in this platform game. Collect points and keys, but watch out for traps and fire breathing monsters!

7.5 / 10
Monkey Lander

Collect tasty fruit in your coconut-fuel driven spaceship until the landing pad appears. Land as gently on the platform as possible, otherwise your monkey might not survive!

8 / 10
Samurai Warrior

Choose from six characters and various martial arts. Practice your moves on an opponent of choice before you begin the martial arts battle for real, and compete against computer generated opponents. Be Your Samurai!

8 / 10

Fly around the planet and carry out missions. Try to land on the landing pads. You can fly pretty far away but gravity will draw you back to the planet.

8 / 10

Choose three wagons and drivers (Monkey, Zed, or the 3 Foot Ninja) and three circuits. Shift gear in your race against time. Will you make it to the finish line?

6.5 / 10

Awesome baseball game by Miniclip. It's bottom of the ninth and so you have to win this game with only 3 outs left. Enjoy this realistic online sports game!

7.9 / 10
Final Ninja

In this fun ninja game you have to collect money and become a ninja grandmaster. Sling from platform to platform using your rope, climb ropes, and use stealth mode to turn invisible.

8 / 10
Canyon Glider

Steer the canyon glider through the desert and land it on the ground target! Can you gather enough speed to make it far enough and score lots of points?

8 / 10

Fly Rocketman through the levels and save the princess. Jump from platform to platform, and don't miss too often. It should actually be little rocketman :-).

8 / 10
Reel Gold

Grab as much of the gold as you can before the time is up. Don't hit the other pieces of gold or the rocks, or you will lose your gold nuggets. You can only grab the gold that glitters.

8 / 10
Ski Doo TT

Try a time trial or arcade mode race and race around the track on a snow scooter. Try to stay on the track and avoid turning on ice.

8 / 10

Pick a character and pick a target - chickens, beer cans, clay pigeons... Practice your shooting on Billy Bob's Ranch.

8 / 10
Presidential Paintball

The presidential candidates have decided to change their strategy for the elections. No more money spent on extensive campaigning! This time they're just going to duke it out with a paintball battle in the White Huis!

8 / 10
Ping Pong

A challenge of balance and precision. Keep the ping pong ball up for as long as you can using the table tennis bat. Make sure the ball doesn't bounce all over the place!

7.2 / 10
Alex in Danger

Shoot the hedgehogs and guide Alex through the levels collecting diamonds and bullets on the way.

8 / 10
King of the Hill

Defend your castle against enemy tanks by firing your catapults at them . Don't fire with too little power or you might hit your own catapult towers!

8 / 10
The Paraoh's tomb

Explore the Pharaoh's Tomb, but beware of what you find! Collect treasures and potions on your way though a tomb littered with classic traps and dangers. Maybe even a mummy or two...!

8 / 10
Wheels of Salvation

Jump from one wheel to the next to get to safe ground. Wait until the wheel has turned to the right position and then click to jump to the next wheel. Don't fall into the lava!

8 / 10

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Here you will find the best games by Miniclip creators. Miniclip is known for its browser-based games. They mostly create flash games. Here you will find an overview of miniclip games that have received good ratings from gamers all over the web. Most Miniclip games have great graphics and are extensive games with many different levels. If you\'re looking for a challenge be sure to try a couple of Miniclip games!

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