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Ninja Training World
Run through the levels of the Ninja Training World and collect all of the coins. Whether you have them all or not, grabbing the red diamond will end the level. You can always return later though, to improve your score.
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Miffy Puzzle
In this game you'll find three different Miffy puzzles. Can you piece them all together. Move the pieces into the right places to complete the picture.
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Miffy Matching Numbers Game
Choose to play with Miffy and one of her friends. They want to divide the apples and cups equally. Do they have the same number of items? Listen to the instructions in English and click on who has the most cups or apples.
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Miffy the rabbit

Miffy is the cute little rabbit designed by Dick Bruna. Miffy is primarily famous for the Miffy books, but there are also all kinds of Miffy merchandise items, and of course Miffy games! Try the online Miffy games here. Join Miffy and her friends Boris and Barbara the bears, Snuffy the dog and Poppy the Pig, and go on an adventure together!

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