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Lego Junkbot 1

Help the Lego Junkbot get to the trashcans by building bridges and stairs to help it get past the hot plates, gearbots, water, and other obstacles.

8.1 / 10
Lego Junkbot 2

Many more levels in which to build bridges and stairs for the Lego Junkbot to climb over and past various obstacles such as the hot plates, water, and the gearbots, so that it can collect the trash from the bin.

8 / 10
Lego Jack Stone

Join Jack Stone in his helicopter and help him solve problems in Legoland.

8 / 10
Lego Racer

Be crowned the racing king or queen by winning all three rounds of this lego race. Dodge the obstacles on the road and pick up the useful items and boosts. Have fun!

8 / 10
Lego Expedition 3

Help Johnny Thunder and his friends solve the mystery of the mummy. Explore the Pyramid in Egypt and complete the tasks and find the mummy.

8 / 10
Lego Expedition 1

Solve the puzzles and lead all three of your lego people through the maze to retrieve the treasures and solve the mystery of the Golden Dragon.

7.8 / 10
Castle Battles

Shoot the Lego castle of your opponent with your cannon until you manage to hit the treasure.

8 / 10
Dragons Mountain

Discover the secrets of the dragon in this lego game. Walk around and talk to people. Collect objects and use them at the right moment. On your way you will play a number of minigames to surmount obstacles.

8 / 10
Alpha Team

Race across the ice and through the snow with the Lego Alpha Team. Shoot de giant insects and watch out for cracks and gaps in the ground. Transform to Alpha Mode to drill through the ice.

8 / 10
The Lego Treasure Hunt

Make your way through the mazy castle and collect the coins. With the coins you can buy useful items to help your find the four puzzles you need to solve to get the treasure. Good luck!

8.1 / 10

Drive your remote controlled car around the playroom floor in this game. Weave left and right between the lego blocks and other toys and collect the purple-blue stars.

8 / 10
Signal Switch

Watch the order in which the colored lights flash, then pull the levers in the correct sequence to add each new car to the train. You'll need a good memory for this one!

8 / 10
Lego Hockey Challenge

Play ice hockey with Lego characters. Choose a type of shot and determine speed and accuracy. You not only get points for shooting the puck into the goal, but also for using different kinds of shots to do so.

7.9 / 10
Lego Expedition 2

In this Great Mountain expedition game you must guide the exploration team in their hot-air balloon to the top of the mountain. Make sure you aren't hit by the birds, planes, or lighting on your way up.

8 / 10
Zombie Lego Defence

There will be waves of incoming Lego zombies. Destroy each wave of them in this Tower Defense game by building all kinds of defensive structures. The lego zombies will grow in strength with each game, but so will you. Good luck!

8 / 10
Lego Skater

Take on Brickter with the skater Pepper in this skateboarding challenge. Pull off all kinds of stunts and make sure you are best. If you defeat Brickster he'll have to go back to jail.

8 / 10
Treasure Trench

Cruise through the sea with your legoman in a submarine and shoot the snakes and other creatures to break them up into separate lego pieces. Shoot the lego pieces too so they can't reassemble. Collect the treasure before you move to the next level.

8 / 10

LEGO, the great Danish bricks!

Lego became famous through their colourful interlocking plastic bricks. You can build anything you can think of with Lego, provided you have enough bricks. The blocks can be combined in many ways. Next to building with your own lego set, one can combine sets to construct a unique object. Did you know that there are four Lego themed amusement parks, movies and Lego competitions?

Play with lego online in one of these Lego games!

It is possible to continue playing with Lego on your computer! We have selected the best Lego themed games for you on this page. You can skate, race, play ice hockey or go on an air balloon expedition with your Lego friends. Enjoy your Lego games!

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