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This is the time to prove to your friends that you're good with letters!

8.1 / 10
The Impossible Quiz 3

The Impossible Quiz is back, with more silly and tough answers, puns, and trick questions for you to tackle. The right answer isn't always the right answer! How far will you be able to get?

7.4 / 10
Bookworm 2

Play Bookworm 2 now!

8.3 / 10
Word Strip

In this game you have to help out the girls. They dressed up way too warm for this weather. Type the letters indicated and help them shed some layers of clothing.

8 / 10
Airballoons Wordsearch

Find all the words hidden in this wordsearch puzzle with airballoons in the background. Can you find them all? The words may appear in the puzzle horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

8 / 10
Hangman Word Game

Play a fun hangman game! Guess the letters and see if you can guess the word before you run out of turns! How many rounds will you last?

8 / 10
Samurai Typing

In this game the keyboard is you weapon. You re the running samurai and you are attacked by your many ninja enemies. Type the right letters to defeat them and destroy their bombs and other weapons. How long will you last?

8 / 10
Treasure Dive

You're diving for treasure underwater, but suddenly you are surrounded by sharks. Quickly type the words on the sharks to blow them out of the way. When you find the treasure you get to solve a puzzle to determine how much of it you get to take.

8 / 10
Finger Frenzy World

Where are your typing skills at? find out now in this game. Type out the alphabet as fast as you can and compare your score to that of your friends. The clock starts as soon as you start typing.

8 / 10
Waffle Words

Can you find all the hidden words in the grid? Try to cross them out as fast as you can. You can play this fun work game in multiple languages! Have fun!

0 / 10
Hangman Extreme

In this version of Hangman you need to figure out the word as fast as possible, before your hangman gets it... in all kinds of interesting ways.

8 / 10
Words and Physics

Can you solve all the puzzles? The words spell out the hints. Can you figure out what they mean? Try out different solutions until you crack the code.

0 / 10
Word Up

Choose your language and look carefully at all the letters in the grid. Can you find all the hidden words? Complete the level objectives by clearing as many letters as you can. Good luck!

0 / 10

For the fast typers among us: test your typing skills. Prtect your cities from falling bombs by typing the correct letters. The further you get the faster the bombs drop.

8 / 10
Type and Pop

Learning how to type is way more fun with Type And Pop. Practice your typing skills and use your fast typing to help save the witch from the monsters. Type the right letters and pop the balloons.

0 / 10
Catch Chocolade letters

Grab the chocolate letters by pushing the right key. Pushing the wrong key, costs points.

8 / 10
Ink Battle

Learn to type quickly in this game. Type the words that appear on the screen to gather energy. When you have enough energy, type the names of the units you want to summon to defend your base.

8 / 10
Sunny ABC

Type the letters that appear on screen before they get to the sun. When you type the letters they will vanish. How fast can you type? Of course, being able to type blind gives you a big advantage here...

8 / 10
Alpine Flowers Hangman

Try to guess all the letters right in this game of hangman until you have figured out what the secret word is. Try not to make too many mistakes.

8 / 10
Myosotis Chapter 2

Rick's wife has died, but some scientists claim he can bring her back if he manages to solve all the puzzles and control the time box...

0 / 10
Blocks With Letters On Them

Move the blocks around the level and into the yellow squares in the right order. Do it so that the word spelled out with the blocks stays the same.

0 / 10

Do you have a way with words?

Here are lots of language-related games. Are you good with letters? Can you type them fast enough, or can you sort jumbled letters into long words? Are you a master of anagrams, and do you read the dictionary for fun? Put aside your dictionary and apply your skills in one of these fun language and word games.

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