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Ant Farm

Take good care of this ant farm. Clean the glass and sieve the sand. Can you pour the earth back in and put the ants back after cleaning the farm out?

6.3 / 10
Ant Smash

Smash the ants running around in the kitchen. When you've managed to smash sixteen ants the queen will burst through the queen. Make sure to get the queen ant too!

7.4 / 10

Play sokoban with a bug. Push all of the balls to the holes in the field. Once all the balls are in place you can go on to the next level. Be careful because you can push but you can't pull the balls.

8 / 10

Help Charmy collect enough Orbz to make it through the winter. Switch between the three coloured backpacks to collect the right orbz. Keep the key pressed down so that you can see the backpack while the orb is collected, otherwise you'll miss it.

8 / 10
Butterfly Kyodai

Play a fun connect game with butterflies. Match up the pairs you can connect and they will fly away like butterflies!

0 / 10
Lt Fly Versus the Spiders

This game is tricky and stressful but fun. Play a game to clear the block on the left side of the screen. This game provides you with ammuntion. On the right side you must fight off a spider attack at the same time using the bullets you've gained through the left hand game. The characters have great designs, and the game provides an excellent tutorial for you to get used to the rules and controls.

8 / 10
Laser Crawler

Watch carefully how the lasers move. Then try to get your insect to the other side by dodging all the lasers. You should be able to predict what the lasers will do next.

8 / 10
Rainbow Spider

Help the happy rainbow spider get as far as possible by slinging webs from one platform to another. Collect rainbow webs and travel at high speeds with Rainbow Spider.

8 / 10
Die for a Lie

The insects have eaten the baby's cake and lied about it to you. You're baby-sitting, so you will have to take revenge. Shoot them with the cat and his laser cannon.

8 / 10
Maths Butterfly

Solve the little sums to change the caterpillars into butterflies. For each correctly answered sum a caterpillar grows a little bit more.

2 / 10
Sundews Fighting

In this game you have to compete against another carnivorous plant to catch your dinner. Snap up the flies faster than your opponent by aiming accurately. Eat the green insects before they eat you and avoid the wasps.

8 / 10
Fly Buster

Grab the swatter and squash all of those passing flies. Don't let them reach the other side of the screen. Once you've missed five flies the game is over.

8 / 10
Leaping Ladybugs

Make big bubbles, but don't let the ladybugs pop them. Once your bubble is big enough, jump somewhere into the field. Don't jump on the ladybugs, but jump near them. The bigger your bubble, the more ladybugs you'll catch.

0 / 10
Bug War

Try to send your insects the right way and win the bug wars. Try to colonize as many hives as possible and drive your enemies to extinction.

8 / 10
Bugs Buster

React quickly when you see an insect scuttling by. Swat it and squash it with your fly swatter. Can you get all of the flies and insects.

8 / 10
The Several Journeys of Reemus 1

Reemus, the dragon slayer's brother, also wants fame and fortune. But his life as the insect exterminator brings him rather less of that. Go on an adventure to change all that. Start by defeating the Ant Queen.

0 / 10
Ant City

A funny game in which you use your magnifying glass to set things on fire. No real cruelty here, just lots of fun.

8 / 10
Sonic in Garden

In this garden Sonic the Hedgehog is bombarded by bats, crows and flies with poisonous poo. Avoid the poo and throw apples at all the flying creatures to shoot them down. In the meanwhile you're also occasionally threatened by a giant bug. Jump on it to make it go away.

8.3 / 10
Cockroach Dream

This must be the dirtiest room ever. Why this man would sleep naked on the floor is anyone's guess. But while he's there, prevent him from dying of stress by squashing as many cockroaches as you can. Don't be distracted by how amusing his distress is, these cockroaches are lethal!

8 / 10
30 Days Honey

You won't get a moment's rest in this busy gardening game. Mow the grass and plant flowers. Set up beehives in the garden and keep an eye on whether the honey can be harvested or whether the hive needs to be cleaned. Keep an eye on your plants too. You will need to water them very often. You have 30 days to make your target.

8 / 10
Flea 2

Try to get the flea to the end of the level. You'll encounter a lot of obstacles, but fortunately you can also jump really well. Can you make it to the end without hitting anything or getting squashed?

2 / 10
Bees Under Attack

Launch your bees at the enemy troops and make sure you have bees left when your opponent runs out. Make your way through these worms-like battles with bees.

8 / 10
Insect Walk

Look at what each of your ants is carrying and send them to the right storage space. To direct the ant you have to rotate the arrow at the intersection to send them the right way.

8 / 10
Catch the Flies

You're a spider and need to catch as many flies as possible. Use different kinds of web to trap the flies. Leave webs for them, shoot webs at them, and of course chase them to capture them.

8 / 10
Insect Incinerator

The masnion is overrun with insects, but the exterminator has sent you to take care of the situation. Exterminate the creepy crawlies by spraying them or stomping on them, but watch out: The toxin is poisonous for your too.

8 / 10
Bee Boxing

Lead the attack against your opponent's beehive with your bees. Bash the hive until it falls down, but don't leave your hive undefended for too long.

8 / 10
Bug Rampage

Can you crawl around with the caterpillar and defeat all the other bugs? Shoot the ants, wasps, spiders, flies and other creepy crawlies and collect the food they drop. Save up points for upgrades!

8 / 10
Colour Bugs

Catch the bugs by drawing a circle around them with a coloured pen. The colour of the bugs is important, because you have to use the same colour pen.

8 / 10
Bee Arkanoid

Let the two bees bounce their ball up against the honeycombs to clear the field in Bee Arkanoid. Catch the ball in the sheet and keep it in the air. Some honeycombs take longer to break than others.

8 / 10

Walk through the maze with this ladybug to collect aphids, delicious food for the lady beetle. Watch out for the ants who guard the aphids though. they have the role of the ghosts in this version of pacman.

8 / 10

Help the delivery bee deliver the acorn to the squirrels on the other side of the dangerous cave. Avoid the sides and other creepy crawlies you'll encounter. Requires precision and patience.

8 / 10
Toy Car Adventure

There are all kinds of bugs crawling around in the room! Can you drive around with your toy car and bash and squash them all?

8 / 10
Fire Flies

Shoot the fireflies with your cannon, and try to hit as many as you can before your cannon flare is either lost or dissipated. In the left hand corner of the screen is your fire fly counter. It counts down how many you still have to shoot to complete the level.

7 / 10
Bug Buster

In this bubbles game you have to clear the garden of bugs and other creepy crawlies. Shoot three or more of the same ones together to make them go away.

5 / 10
Bee Beep

Get to the flowers in the right order to make the combinations show on the side of the screen. Watch out for the insects. You'll have to be quick. Flowers with presents in them can be useful.

8 / 10
Bug Hunter

All the bugs and other creepy crawly creatures are coming for you! Shoot them before they get you! Aim well and shoot accurately. Sometimes you will have to hit them more than once to kill them.

8 / 10

A giant insect has suddenly crawled out of the ground under the playground. Can you figure out how to get rid of this killer bug?

8 / 10
The Several Journeys of Reemus 4

Reemus is almost there with his quest for fame and fortune. Head to the town to claim the Death Slug quest and find a way around the kingdom's slow and tiresome bureaucracy.

8 / 10

Keep the maggots away from the skull. Rotate the circular playing field so that the worms all fall into the holes.

0 / 10
Slingshot Picnic Defender

Shoot at the animals with your catapult to defend your picnic. All the creatures are attacking it. Make sure you don't get hit by the waterballoons.

0 / 10
Beetle Frenzy

A slot machine with all kinds of insects and other small animals. Don't get the hibby gibbies!

0 / 10
Beetle Wars

Make sure to keep alive while you kill as many insects as possible. You can use many different attacks to ward them off.

0 / 10
The Bug Game

In The Bug Game you have to try to collect as many points as you can. Try also to stay out of the way of the bad guys. You can fly higher or lower to try to reach all the points.

0 / 10
The Several Journeys of Reemus 2

Reemus and Liam crash land in a barn and sport a Death Slug! And a Gygax? What's all this? Time to gather some intel and pay a visit to the All-Knowing Parasite!

0 / 10
The Several Journeys of Reemus 3

Finally! You've found a quest truly worthy of a hero! Help Reemus the Insect Exterminator travel through the forest and get to the kingdom of Danricus quickly!

0 / 10
2 Many Bugs

Circle all the little bugs as they scuttle about. Circle the ones of the same colour until there is only one bug of every colour left on the screen.

0 / 10

Insect games

Insects have six legs, a hard exoskeleton, and are the most diverse group of creatures in the world. There are hundreds of thousands of different beetles, ants and butterflies alone. Did you know that the smallest insects are only fractions of a millimetre, while the largest can grow to over half a metre? Fancy one of those giant critters crawling up your leg!

Play games with all kinds of creepy crawlies.

Solve mazes or play pacman with ladybugs, drop objects on ants, collect honey with bees, or catch flies as a spider or a carnivorous plant. Try these games with your favourite (or your least favourite) insects collected in the overview below. Have fun!

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