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Jane's Hotel 2

In this sequel to the fun management game Jane's Hotel you must keep your customers happy by providing fast and accurate service. With the money that you make you can slowly move up to furnishing your hotel with all kinds of luxuries.

8 / 10
Robinson Hotel

Make sure all the guests are treated like kings. Give them everything they wish for. To keep happy customers it is important not to make them wait.

8 / 10
The Bar

Can you serve drinks fast enough at the bar? Pour the drinks the customer wants and place them on the bar in front of the customer. You have to be fast, because a queue is forming.

8 / 10
Bed and Breakfast 3

In this game you own a bed and breakfast. Take good care of your guests. Bring up their luggage, make them food, and make sure the building doesn't go up in flames.

8 / 10

Mix the right drinks and keep your customers happy. Can you make the desired profit for the day? Find out whether you can keep your cool when the bar gets crowded. Good luck!

8 / 10
Theme Hotel

Build your own hotel. Hire enough staff, build enough rooms and facilities to keep your customers happy and watch your reputation rise. Earn more stars to unlock new features! Can you turn this hotel into a successful business?

8 / 10
Night Shift

Can you find all the lost objects hidden in this hotel? Search all the messy rooms, cupboards, and hallways. How many hidden objects can you find in each picture? Can you collect the entire list each time?

8 / 10
Bed and Breakfast 1

Run your own bed and breakfast and keep all of your short tempered customers happy. Hire help and buy new upgrades for your facilities. You can also invest in some new facilities.

8.1 / 10
Bed and Breakfast 2

Help all of the guests at your bed and breakfast to their breakfast. Make sure to cheer them up so early in the morning with good food and fast service.

8 / 10
LA Luna Hotel

In this game you have to try to escape from the spooky hotel where you are locked up. You don't know exactly what happened there, but maybe you will be able to find out...

8 / 10
Belboy Hotel Management

Bring the guests in your hotel to their rooms using the elevator. Make sure the lifts are positioned in such a way that the guest can walk to their rooms before their patience wears thin.

8 / 10
Dog Hotel

Can you take good care of all the dogs that are brought into the dog hotel? Look at what it is they need and make sure they all come out happy again.

8 / 10
The Proposal

Moments before you make your wedding proposal your future wife vanishes and leaves an angry note. Can you figure out what happened? And who is the weirdo with the pan on his head? Look around for useful items and clues, and solve the mystery.

8 / 10

Are you cut out to run a successful hotel?

Find out in our hotel games how good your managerial skills are! Provide comfortable rooms for your guests, keep the rooms clean and make the guest feel at home. Offer hospitable service and make your hotel-restaurant win that five star recommendation.

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