Keep your fingers on the keys Press them down at the right moment and become a guitar hero in Adagio!

6.4 / 10
Riff Master

Play the guitar like Slash in this music game. Choose a guitar and a song. The buttons are indicated and slide by. Hit the right button at the right time.

7.9 / 10
Flash Hero

Pretend to be slash in Flash hero.

8.5 / 10
Battle of the Bands

Play some songs on the guitar in this guitar hero game. React fast to the music notes you will need to play. Can you even play all the fast parts flawlessly.

8 / 10
Mind Impulse

Carry out four mind game challenges and find out your score. First suppress your impulse to press the given arrow by paying attention to the colour of the arrows. Then do some arithmetic, count blocks, and finally determine which colour is featured more or less in the field, but watch carefully for the question, because sometimes the game asks what there is more of, and sometimes what there is less of, so no blind clicking!

6.9 / 10
Super Crazy Guitar 2

Play songs on an electric guitar using your keyboard in this guitar hero game. Press the right keys as the icons pass the bar to play the right chords. The better you play the faster your score will multiply.

8 / 10
Coolio Beat 2

More songs to play with the Coolio Beat band. Are you able to become a band member, or are you doomed to be a rock failure? Find out by seeing if you can hit the right keys and the right moment in Coolio Beat 2.

7.8 / 10
Rockband Rampage

When you're a rock legend, people have certain expectations you must live up to. Beat everything you don't like the look of with your guitar until it breaks, your hotel room, your tour bus, the club where you're supposed to perform... But watch out for the policeman. When he walks by you have to stop demolishing everything for a moment, or they'll lock you up!

8 / 10
DJ Fest

Scratch like a real DJ in a club in this guitar hero-like game. Make sure the arrow passes over all of the bars heading for your turntable.

8 / 10
Don't Step on the White Tiles

Tap the right number keys on your keyboard to hop onto the coloured tiles. Avoid all the white ones. How fast can you make it to the end of the track?

7.6 / 10
Guitar Maniac 3

Become a guitar hero with this Super Crazy guitar game. Play Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 and pick from a variety of songs to play. Keep up your score and prove your skills!

8 / 10
Coolio Beat

Rock out with these rockers by pressing the right keys at the right moments to play the notes. Check your ranking based on your skill. Will you qualify as a band member or are you doomed to be a rock failure?

8 / 10
DJ Fest 2

Scratch the records for your audience in the club like a real DJ in this extended sequel to DJ Fest. Turn the record so that you hit the neon streaks.

8 / 10
Symphony in Bee

Compase a symphony with your bee in this game. Fly up and down to collect the right flowers and make the music sound tolerable. You'll need fast reactions to make your symphony work!

8 / 10
Leet Street Boys

Play music in a band with this manga style music game. Charm the girls in the audience by pressing the right arrow keys at the right moment. In the meanwhile there's a little film playing in the background.

8 / 10

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is a music game in which players make music by using a guitar shaped controller. Players match notes that appear on the computer screen in time by strumming the strings or buttons of the controller at the right moment to score points. From classical music to rock, with Guitar Hero anything is possible.

Play guitar hero online!

Do you know the game Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360 or play station 2? We have collected all kinds of online variations of this game for you in the overview listed below! Start strumming and have fun!

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