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Do you know Go?

Go, Kanji, is an Asian board game for two players. It is played by millions of people all over China, Japan, and Korea. Go is played on a board with 19 by 19 lines and 361 intersecting points. Play variations on the board game Go here too. For instance, what would Go crossed with Tetris look like? Try it here!

We like these games:Blob Wars, Play Go Tetris

Blob Wars
In Blob Wars the objective of the game is to cover as much of the board as possible with your own blobs. Blobs change colour when they come into contact with blobs of the opposing colour. You can jump over one square, or clone your blob by moving to an adjacent square.
8 / 10
Play Go Tetris
In this combination of Tetris and Go you can enclose the stones Go style in order to clear them out of the field. This is a little more difficult than Tetris because you need to keep an eye on the colour as well as the shape of the stones you are playing.
8 / 10