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Siegius Arena 2

In this game you are a gladiator. Defeat all the other gladiators and earn money to buy new weapons, better armour, and magic attacks.

9.1 / 10
Caesar's Day Off

It's Caesar's Day Off. See how he manages his life and responsibilities outside of the palace. Will he survive, or will he get eaten by his own lion. And who will come to your party at the end of the day?

8.3 / 10
Sword and Sandals 2

In this second part of Swords and Sandals you have to win the favour of the public of Ancient Rome once again. Escape from prison and fight duels and tournaments to win the money needed to buy all kinds of weapons and magical items.

8 / 10
Swords and Sandals

In this game you must win the favour of the public in Ancient Rome. Escape from prison to begin your life as a gladiator. Fight tournaments and duels and win enough money to buy the weapons and magical items you need. Improve your skills and dominate the arena!

8.2 / 10
Gross Out

The battle style in this game is comparable to that of Swords and Sandals, except that in Gross Out the aim is to smack and shoot your opponents with increasingly gross weapons. Win money by winning the fights you pick and use it to upgrade your gross inventory.

8 / 10
Swords and Sandals 3

Fight more opponents in this Swords and Sandals game, Solo Utratus. Make your own gladiator and fight a series of battles with them. You can visit various shops, and will need to shop around for the best items to match your skill level en budget. Every time you defeat a set of gladiators you get a new set to pick your opponents from. Don't forget to equip your character with the items you've bought before entering the arena.

8 / 10
Wrath of the Spartan

Play one of the raging Spartan warriors of 300. Kill as many enemy soldiers and as you can. Seize boats and defeat spear wielding soldiers and archers and swordsmen. This is SPARTAAA!

8 / 10

Not all Gladiators were convicts in the Roman world. Some were volunteers who gave up their social standing to entertain the Roman public. Entertain yourself in the Colosseum in this game, Gladiator, and strike down assailants with mace or sword.

8 / 10
The Arena

How fast are your reactions? Block when you see your enemy raise his weapon. Strike when his weapon is down to win the approval of the Roman public in the Gladiator game Arena.

8 / 10
Hulk Planet Hulk Gladiators

The Hulk has crashed on a strange planet. To escape you have to defeat all the space emperor's monstrous gladiators. Can you beat them all?

8 / 10
Gladiator CW

Save the princess by competing in battles as a medieval warrior. Use the money won in battles to buy new and better equipment, increase the strength of your character and adapt his appearance. An addicting and fun game.

8 / 10
Romanius 2

Set out on a mission to defeat the cyclops as the Roman Romanius.

8 / 10

Put on your helemt and grab your sandals!

Here you\'ll find an overview of the best gladiator games. Challenge other big and brawny gladiators in the Colosseum of ancient Rome or another arena. Put on your helmet and your sandals, grab your sword or trident, and fight as a Gaul, Samnite or Thracian in these gladiator combat games.

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