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This is the time to prove to your friends that you're good with letters!

8.1 / 10
Battle Solitaire

Play Battle Solitaire in this fun multiplayer game. A game of solitaire in which you must be faster than your opponents in working your way through the deck.

8 / 10
Card Party

The cardgame you need to play smart if you want to win! Make sure to be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand and you will win!

10 / 10
Chess 3

Tired of playing chess against your computer? Now you can play chess against other players worldwide through this great multiplayer chess game.

8 / 10
Spin Bingo

Play Spin Bingo now!

7.8 / 10

Play a tetris match against other tetris players from all over the world. Create a free login name and password and show off your tetris skills worldwide.

8 / 10

Play darts against real opponents with WebDarts! Play against people from all over the world and show how good you are at this great pub sport.

8 / 10
Klaverjassen Multiplayer

Play the game klaverjassen in this widescreen version. You can play against other players from all over the world in this game. The game itself is in Dutch however, and most of the players will also be Dutch.

8 / 10
Royal Bingo

Scratch away number by number: that's how you play bingo! don't forget to scream "BINGO" when you won!

8 / 10

A fun game of rolling the dice. Try to get the right combo's every time you roll the dice. once each turn you can roll them three times.

8 / 10

In this widescreen multiplayer version of domino you can play a game of dominoes online against other players from all over the world. Create a free login name and password to play. Connects the tiles by number and be the first to play away all your tiles.

8.3 / 10

Try to get a score as close as possible to 31, by trading cards with your opponent.

8 / 10
RoyalDice Journey

Roll the 5 dice and pick the best ones to keep. You get to roll the remaining dice 2 more times. Try to hit every dice combo and defeat the royal servants, the knights, and the king and queen in RoyalDice Journey. Can you outscore them all?

0 / 10
Poker Multiplayer

Play poker in real time. Outwit your opponents by bragging and bluffing your way to the top!

8 / 10

Hearts is played with four players, and all 52 cards of the deck are used. The cards belonging to the suit of hearts are worth points, and the lady of clubs is worth the most points. Play the American version (in which you must avoid all points) or the Dutch version (in which you must gain points) in this fun multiplayer game of Hearts.

8 / 10

In Rummi is the same as Rummikub except in that you use playing cards instead of coloured stones to play. Play other people from all over the world in this fun multiplayer version.

8.4 / 10

A fun game of pool you can play on the web without leaving your desk chair. Challenge other players from all over the world and improve your ratings.

7.4 / 10

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GamePoint is a games developer with a huge collection of fun multiplayer games. Here at Games.co.za you can play a large selection of the best GamePoint games, such as webdarts, card games, poker, and many more besides! You can play against the computer, but you can also play the multiplayer versions of these games against other gamers who happen to be online at the same time. Play against people from all over the world, show off your skills, and have a fun time! Good luck and enjoy the fun!

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