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Freecell Solitaire za

Classic game of Free Cell Solitaire. You can play this game by yourself. All you need to do is to clear the table of a deck of playing cards in less than 10 minutes. You need to move cards of the same suit into the top four piles, starting with the Ace. You also have four additional free cells where you can temporarily store cards if you want. When piling cards on top of eachother they need to be in descending order and alternating colors (black and red). Can you empty the playing field of cards in Freecell Solitaire?

8 / 10
Elite Freecell

To play this fun freecell game hit >Play >Practice and go for it!

Clear the field of all cards by stacking them away in the four home cells by suit in order from Ace to King. In the field you can stack the cards by number alternating between red and black. Good luck!

8 / 10
Tingly Freecell

Play a fun game of freecell solitaire and stack away all the cards by suit. Stack the cards from ace to king. You can use the free cells at the top to store cards you can't use right now.

0 / 10
Freecell Solitarie 2

Tired of the classic Free Cell table layout? Play Free Cell on this new Wii Fit themed table. Same game, different look.

7.9 / 10
Free Cell

The famous game Free Cell! Order the cards in tableaux piles by alternating colour. Clear the entire field of cards. Use the reserve fields cleverly, because the amount of cards you can move is dependent on the amount of free cells.

8 / 10
Freecell Solitaire 3

Play for Freecell Solitaire 3 for free!

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SVG Freecell

Use the free cells to store cards that are in the way. Stack up all the cards and stack them away in the top right cells. The amount of cards you can move in one go depends on the amount of free cells you have.

2 / 10
Windows Freecell

Play Freecell for free here! You have four free cells and four cells to stack away the decks in. You can stack cards in the field red on black on red, but you can only move so many cards as your free cells allow. So if you put cards in all your free cells you will be able to move fewer cards. Good luck!

8 / 10
Freecell 4

In this game of Free Cell you must clear away the cards in the field by stacking them by suit and in ascending order in the home cells at the top right of the screen. You may only move the top card from any stack in the field, but you can temporarily keep up to four cards in the free cells top left.

6.6 / 10
Gaps Solitaire

A very addicting card game, because it looks so easy to win... Finish the rows of cards sorted by suit and number from 2 to King by filling in all the blank spaces on the table with the right cards.

8 / 10
Free Cell

Freecell is a fun card game in which you can stack the cards in the same way as in solitaire. But you can't always move stacks of as many cards. The amount of cards you can move in one turn depends on how many free cells you have left. The free cells can be used to store cards that are in the way, but the fewer free cells you have, the less cards you can move in one go.

8 / 10
Freecell Premiere

Clear the field of cards by stacking them all in the top four cells from Ace up to King in this colourful version of the card game classic Free Cell.

7.5 / 10
Free Cell 3

In this game of Free Cell what makes the game a real challenge is that you are only ever allowed to more one card at a time. Good luck figuring out how to solve this one!

8 / 10

Freecell: A patience based solitaire game

Solitaire card games are much alike. Different terms are used to indicate the same game: freecell, solitaire, solitaire freecell or even patience. The latter is a game for a single player as well, but it has different rules. The free cell game acquired fame since it became a standard feature in the windows package.

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The 52 card deck is shuffled and divided in 8 stacks. The aim of the game is to pile the cards up in sequence on the 4 stacks. The cards on a stack must be of the same color, starting from Ace and counting up through two until the stack is completed by the king. The four open spots can be used to store cards temporarily. The amount of cards you are allowed to move per turn depends, however, upon the number of free cells you have left. Have fun!

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