Be Fireman

Can you help the BE Gamer alien to be a fireman for the day? Find the way through the fire station, drive the fire truck, and put out the fire!

8.1 / 10
Iveco Magirus Fire Trucks

Can you bring every mission to a happy end? Deploy your trucks and send them to the area where the disaster has taken place. Make sure you send the right truck to help the people.

8 / 10
Fire Fighter

Put out all the fires in the rooms before it spreads and the whole house goes up in flames. Watch out, because more than one house will be on fire in most levels. Extinguish the fires until there is no more smoke. If there is still smoke coming out of a window the fire is not out properly.

8 / 10

Help the fireman by extinguishing the fire in the house. Make sure the water can reach the house through the pipes. Let the water stream through and prevent the house from burning down.

8 / 10
Rescue Heroes

The flat is on fire and people are jumping out of the windows. Catch them in your net. Some characters are different. Some will need to be bounced twice, others will give you a speed boost, etc.

8 / 10

Save the people who are jumping out of the burning building by bouncing them toward the ambulance. Collect coins and health points from all the people you save.

8 / 10
Water Mania

Help the fireman extinguish all the fires in town. Aim the hose at the fire and shoot the water against all the burning objects to put the fire out.

8 / 10
Fire Fighter 2

Try to stay in control of the fire. Aim with your hose and put out all the flames. There are a lot of fires in this town and they aren't easy to put out. Make sure you keep an eye on your water supply.

8 / 10
Fire Truck

Fill up the truck with water and drive to the fire. When you get there you have to have enough water left to put the fire out, so make sure you don't loose too much water along the way!

8 / 10
Fire Truck Mobile

The parking lot is packed with badly parked cars. The firetruck is stuck and there's a fire! Can you move all the other cars around so that the firetruck can drive out of the parking lot?

6.7 / 10
Sky Fire Fighter

Fly over the forest fires with your airbus. Try to put out the fire by dumping water onto the right places. Skim very lightly over the water to load the plane. Keep an eye on your speed while you do this. Your speed must remain in the normal range or else you sink. Don't dive too steeply or you will still sink at normal speed. This game requires a lot of precision.

8 / 10
Pour the Fish Level Pack

Shoot the water through the level so that it reaches the fish each time. Can you aim well and waste as little water as possible?

8 / 10
Water Buboy

Can you help the fireman put out all the fires? Aim the hose and try to hit all the burning houses before you run out of water. Aim carefully, because you don't have that much water.

8 / 10
Stop Boom

Aim carefully with the water to hit the spark on the fuse. You have to extinguish this fire before it reaches the bomb. Can you keep the bomb from exploding?

8 / 10


Firefighters are trained to run into burning buildings and to put out hazardous fires. This can be done from the ground or from the air (by plane or helicopter). Firefighters are also known as the Fire Service, Fire and Rescue Service, the Fire Brigade or Fire Department. The Fire Brigade may cocnsist of professional firefighters (who are paid) volunteer firefighters (who are not), and retained firefighters who are also called on when needed.

Figherfighter Games

Firefighting is not just about stopping the fire, it\'s equally important to make sure you have a steady water supply. And on slow days it\'s your job to save the occasional kitten from a tree. Practice you rescue skills online in these online firefighter games!

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