Monkey Sokoban
Play a sokoban game with a monkey. Push all of the bananas into the baskets to finish the 15 levels. Make sure your bananas don't get stuck in any corners or around the sides.
0 / 10
Try to slide the wooden blocks through the crowded field to clear a path for the green block. Can you find the right order to move the blocks and slide the green block out along the arrow?
0 / 10
Fire Truck Mobile
The parking lot is packed with badly parked cars. The firetruck is stuck and there's a fire! Can you move all the other cars around so that the firetruck can drive out of the parking lot?
6.7 / 10
Minion Lab
Send the minions sliding through the lab. They have to reach the coloured buttons. Match the coloured minions with the right buttons and dodge the obstacles! Have fun!
8 / 10
Carnaval 15-Puzzle
The pictures of the dressed-up carnaval goers have been divided into 15 pieces and shuffled up. Try to get the pictures back in the right order again by moving the pieces around.
8 / 10
Papa Bear
Drag and swap the rows and columns to complete the picture of papa bear and baby bear fishing on the pier. Can you solve the puzzle? Have fun playing!
0 / 10
How To Feed Animals
Can you slide the animal blocks into each other and make them eat one another until you have only one left? Once you move them the animals will not stop moving until they bump into something. Don't let them slide out of the level!
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Can you solve Fifteen Puzzles?

Fifteen Puzzles are known by many names. Boss Puzzles, Gem Puzzles, Game of Fifteen Puzzles, or Mystic Squares. A 15 puzzle is a square puzzle consisting of 15 peices and one emply square. You have to use the empty square to move around all of the pieces until you sort out the picture on the puzzle. Do you think you can solve such a puzzle? Give it a try in one of our online Game of Fifteen games!

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