Whistle with Snow White

Snow white and the seven dwarfs love to make music. Watch them play and then copy their music exactly. Is your memory sound enough?

8 / 10
Gather X

In this game you have to help Jack's grandson chop down the beanstalk before the giants climb down. Collect money by mining rocks and eat fish for extra energy. You can also hire some helping hands. Don't forget to upgrade!

8 / 10
Cinderella Story

Go on an adventure with your own Cinderella-like character or the boy version of Cinderella. Watch out for the Evil Witch and her minions while you carry out various fairy tale missions like finding glass slippers and preparing for the ball. You will meet many other fun fairytale favourites like The Fairy Godmother, Rapunzel and Prince Charming! Work together with your friends by asking for and exchanging useful gifts to help each other along in this fairytale adventure. Have fun!

0 / 10
Royal Story

Plant crops and harvest them. Buy animals and feed them to gather produce. Can you create wonderful products to sell so you can make money to rescue your allies, raise magic animals, expand your kingdom, and defeat the evil witch Altessa?

9.5 / 10
Nelly 2: Episode 1

Nelly has to make her way through the dark forest. Can you help her along? Find the way and watch out for the dangerous beasts. Find some little helpful critters to travel with.

8 / 10
Alice in Clumsy Land

Help Alice make her way through Clumsy Land. First you will have to help her get the pocket watch to the little rabbit. Can you do it without dropping the watch?

0 / 10
Frankie Stein Threaderella

Frankie Stein, on the the main characters from Monster High, is going to the theme party. The theme is fairy tales, and Frankie wants to go as Cinderella. Can you help her find a cute costume to wear?

8 / 10
Hood: Episode 3

In this episode of Hood you're still after the witch in the red riding hood. All kinds of strange creatures haunt the woods and the nearby village. Can you solve this mysterious case?

0 / 10
Teen Tinker Bell Fairy Tale High

Tinker Bell is going to school at Fairy Tale High. Can you help her pick an outfit for her first day in school? She's a teenager now and has a whole new look.

9 / 10
Save the Fairyland

Can you help the little girl fix the fairy tales? The fairytale creatures have been bewitched and a little neglected. Can you find the objects you need to patch them up and make them better again?

6 / 10
Duckling Adventure

Look carefully and see if you can spot all the differences between the sets of pictures. All the pictures are from the story of the ugly duckling.

0 / 10
Weberella Dress Up

In this game you can help Wydowna Spider dress up for a costume party at Monster High. The theme is fairy tales, so Wydowna wants to go dressed as Cinderella.

0 / 10
Fairy Tail

Dress up the fairy tale cats and choose the right backgrounds. If your clothes and background all match you get bonus points. Dress a new cat in every level of Fairy Tail.

8 / 10
Rapunzel's Rotten Teeth

All that time Rapunzel has been in that tower she hasn't been taking great care of her teeth. Play dentist and help her make her teeth pretty again.

8 / 10
Dress Up Little Red Riding Hood

In this game you can dress up Little Red Riding Hood. Pick the prettiest hair, outfit, and make up and turn her into a beautiful fairytale princess.

8 / 10
Snow white coloring picture

Paint snow white and the seven dwarves any colours you like with this Disney colouring template.

8 / 10
Dress Up Fairy

Dress up the beautiful fairy and make her look as pretty as you can in all kinds of sparkly magical clothing with this great fairy dress up game. Have fun!

8 / 10
Run Red Run

Run away from the Big Bad Wolf, Make sure he doesn't catch Little Red Riding Hood or he'll eat her for sure! Jump over the obstacles!

0 / 10
Gretel and Hansel

This artsy and fun game is based on the famous fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel who got left behind in the forest. It is one of the better escape games around on the net. Walk around, collect items and find ways to combine those items to survive the nasty tricks of the wicked witch! Watch out for the spider too!

8 / 10
Happy Witch

Find the right ingredients for your magic potion, and hit any enemies you encounter on the way with your broom in the meanwhile.

8 / 10
Help Cinderella

Help Cinderella finish all of the terrible chores her wicked step-mother makes her do. Finish the chores on time so that she can get to the ball in time to dance with the Prince.

8 / 10
Dress Up Snow White

Dress up the fairytale princess Snow White in this lovely dress up game. Pick the dresses and tops that you like best. Have fun!

8 / 10
Snow White House Makeover

Snow White is taking care of the dwarves and their house in the forest. Can you help Snow White give the house a complete makeover while the dwarves are out working?

0 / 10
Fairytale Dress-Up

Dress up this girl like a little princes. There are lots of different costumes to try all, and they all look a little bit like those of the Disney princesses.

8 / 10
Elf Dress Up

Dress up this fairy in all kinds of supernatural and beautiful clothing. Pick a nice hairdo, choose the colour and shape of her wings, her dress, her top and shoes, and her jewelry. What kind of fairy will you create?

8 / 10
Fairy Fishing

Fish for fairies with these dwarves. Try to catch as many of them as you can with your grappling hook. You can also try to catch the tinkerbell fairies, but these will try to free the other fairies on yout hook.

8 / 10
Jumping Troll

Bounce around the jumping troll on the mushroom until you've gathered all of the fruit in the field. When the field in cleared, jump through the hoops or hit the trunks to make the flowers grow. This will open the door in the tree house so that the troll can proceed to the next level.

8 / 10
Pixie Clone Capture

Catch all these little Winx pixies by blowing magical bubbles to catch them in. Aim well with your bubble wand and try not to pop the bubbles by making them too big.

8 / 10
Hansel & Gretel

Do you like sweets and cakes? Fill up a whole landscape with them in this Hansel and Gretel game. Put down the candy house, pick cute little creatures, and lay out all kinds of plates of goodies.

8 / 10
Dress Up a Witch

Dress up this cute little witch in a nice outfit. Pick the clothes and hair you think match best in this fun dress up game.

8 / 10
Hood:Episode 2

Your search has taken you into the haunted forest, where you've found the machine. How to get it to work though? Talk to the other characters to find clues and useful items.

7.7 / 10
Dwarf Coins

You just dropped a whole wheelbarrow of gold into the mine! Take your cart and find back all the gold pieces. Break the stones so that the gold rolls into your cart. Try to hit the red gems along the way.

8 / 10
Beauty Mastermind

Play mastermind with the characters from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. You can choose to play with three pegs or with four. Guess the order in which the characters are lined up on the board.

8 / 10

Dress up this little elf in all kinds of pretty fairytale clothes. Pick the items you think are the most beautiful. Mix and match and have fun!

8 / 10
O'Hair Babies Ever After High

In this game you can take care of the cute little O'Hair babies from Every After High. You can wash and care for the babies, and also dress them up in cute outfits.

0 / 10
Twisted Adventures Little Red Ridin

Jump from one planet to the next with Little Red Ridinghood. Can you free all of the bunnies and collect the snowflakes and the apples? Make sure you don't fall, and dodge the shadow creatures too.

8 / 10
Hood: Episode 4

Your search for the girl with the red riding hood has led you to the spirit world, where you are clearly not welcome. Can you find her and escape?

8 / 10
Snow White at the Spa

Snow White is spending a lovely day at your spa. Can you take good care of her? Make sure this Disney princess has a wonderful day.

8 / 10
Puss in Boots Dress Up

In this game you can dress up the famous Puss in Boots. Choose between all kinds of cute outfits. You can try them all on and mix and match the clothes and costumes you like best.

0 / 10
Centaur Monster Girl

This girl is a centaur: half human, half horse. Can you dress her up in all kinds of pretty clothes? Choose pretty colours for her hooves and tail as well.

0 / 10
Hood: Episode 1

In this game you are a werewolf and you've been called to a small village to kill a witch. Can you talk to the villagers and discover what is going on? Is the witch really evil, or are some of the villagers?

0 / 10
Cerise Hood Makeover

In this game Cerise Wolf from Ever After High is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Can you choose some fun outfits to try on and pick the best ones for her?

0 / 10
Cedar Wood Makeup and Hairstyles

Can you help Cedar Wood choose some new hairstyles and clothing? Give her a complete makeover. Which outfits and haircuts look best? Cedar Wood is Pinocchio's daughter in the series Ever After High.

0 / 10
Daring Charming

Help Prince Charming find a new outfit to wear to Ever After High. Can you help this fairy tale prince try on all the different outfits and choose the best prince costume?

0 / 10
Fairy Tale Evil Baby Fairy

In this game all the items in the bathroom have an evil fairy theme, because in this game you have to wash and bathe baby Maleficent! Can you wash her hair and dry her off with a towel without making her angry?

0 / 10

Once upon a time there was a fairy tale...

A fairy tales are stories or a collection of stories that usually start with the line \"Once upon a time...\". A fairy tale is a fictional story that often contains a moral lesson. The storyline is usually far-fetched and the characters can have magical powers. Fairy tales often feature magical characters such as wizards, witches, fairies, elves, dwarfs and so on. The brothers Grimm and Hans Anderson are the most famous fairy tale collectors. Their stories have been translated into many languages, and the main characters are famous worldwide. The most popular fairy tales are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bluebeard, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rumplestilskin, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Beauty and the Beast.

Fairy tale games!

The overview on this page is packed with fairytale games. In these games you can expect magic power, wizards, witches, dwarves, knights, elves, fairies, trolls, dragons and lots more. Have a lot of fairy tale fun with these magical games and make everything end happily ever after!

We like these games:Whistle with Snow White, Gather X, Cinderella Story, Royal Story, Nelly 2: Episode 1, Alice in Clumsy Land, Frankie Stein Threaderella, Hood: Episode 3, Teen Tinker Bell Fairy Tale High, Save the Fairyland