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Are you any good at embroidery?

Do you know the difference between a herringbone stitch and a breton stitch? Can you tell apart a cross stitch and a buttonhole stitch? Well, even if you can\'t, you can still learn to embroider some beautiful pictures here. Stitch together a picture of your favourite Hello Kitty characters, or Princess Peach, or President Obama.

Online Embroidery

No more trouble getting the thread through the eye of your needle. No more clumsy pricking of fingers. From now on you can embroider the best pictures online in any of the embroidery games listed below!

We like these games:Embroidery, Obama Embroidery, Embroider Pucca, Sue Knitting Game, Christmas Embroidery, Embroidery 2

Pick a template and embroider a picture of Princess Peach, or choose to embroider om an empty canvas and make a picture of your own. Emboidery is easy in this game. All you have to do is pick the colours you want and point and click. If you want to undo a stitch you've made, simply click on it again.
8.1 / 10
Obama Embroidery
Embroider a portrait of the American President Barack Obama in this fun embroidery game. How creative are you with thread and needle?
8 / 10
Embroider Pucca
Pucca is a cute little girl who has her own cartoon series. She's obsessively in love with a ninja named Garu. Embroider a picture of Pucca on TV in this embroidery game.
8 / 10
Sue Knitting Game
Can you knit figures properly?
8 / 10
Christmas Embroidery
It's almost time for the jolly man in red to pop down your chimney again. Get in the right mood for Christmas by doing some relaxing Christmas embroidery.
8 / 10
Embroidery 2
Embroider four different motifs from the Hello Kitty range. This time you can also use the Turbo button for extra fast embroidery. Watch out where you drag your mouse though, when the turbo button is on. If you want to undo a stitch just click on it again.
8 / 10