Caravan in Reverse
In this simple parking game you have to park your caravan in the designated area. There's one hitch though: You have to do it in reverse. It's trickier than it looks. Good luck!
8.1 / 10
Park My Car
You have been given the key keys for a red carpet celebrity. make sure to park their cars neatly in the right parking spaces. Watch out for the other cars and obstacles such as dogs.
8 / 10
Drivers Ed 2
Choose your driving instructor and try to pass the exam with their help. Take a practice lesson or try to pass the exam right away. Pay close attention to the traffic and to the traffic lights. Good luck!
8 / 10
Park My Convertible
Park your convertible in the right spot without bumping into anything. You're allowed to turn and drive around as much as you like, as long as you park it before the time runs out.
8 / 10
Smart Driver
Are you a Smart Driver? Find out how well you can drive in this game. Don't dive over the speed limit and don't cause any accidents and you will go a long way.
8 / 10
Licence Quest
You're trying to finish all of the tests that stand between you and your driver's licence, but this policewoman keeps on standing in the way, trying to distract you...
8 / 10
Rijlessen 9
Discover how good (or how terrible) you are at parallel parking in this online driving lessons game. Try to get your car parked in the open parking space without all too many bumps and crashes. Good luck!
8 / 10

Driving licence lessons and test games

Lots of people take driving lessons when they turn 18. Of course you want to learn everything fast so that you can pass the test and drive in your own car without an instructor. But if you\'re not 18 yet it can still be fun to practice parking or driving without causing accidents, and you can do that right here! We\'ve got games in which you learn to drive a car down the road, and games that teach you how to park your car. You\'ll also have to know about the traffic rules, just like you need to know the theoretical aspects of driving before you can pass your test in real life. Of course, these are just games, but they\'re still lots of fun. So get in your car and drive!

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