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Beer Tapper

Serve beer to your customers so that they leave your bar contented. Watch out for the empty glasses of beer your customers may shove back at you. Don't let them hit the floor. Also don't slide full glasses down a bar where there are no customers. It will hit the wall and break.

8 / 10
Frat Boy Beer Pong

In this game you're a geek who has gotten himself involved in a beer pong match. Throw the ball in your enemy's cups. If the ball lands in a cup your opponent has to empty that cup. Take out all of the frat boys by making sure you're less drunk than they are. Play until they pass out. when they do you'll get to draw on their faces with a marker.

8 / 10
The Bar

Can you serve drinks fast enough at the bar? Pour the drinks the customer wants and place them on the bar in front of the customer. You have to be fast, because a queue is forming.

8 / 10
Student Sim

A simulation of your academic life. Can you balance study and play and gain enough social skills to get yourself a girlfriend, or will your mates only laugh at your attempts?

8.1 / 10
The Right Mix

You're a bartender and you must think up the best drinks to mix. The bartender is a little partial to alcohol himself, so you'll soon find out how good (or bad) your drink is.

8.1 / 10
Beer Golf

Mini Golf where some of the obstacles are beer bottles. Mini Golf and beer: Is there any better combination?

8 / 10
Bartender The Right Mix

Invent some amazing cocktails. Choose what drink to put in them. There's plenty of choice! Just don't shake too long or it might go terribly wrong!

8 / 10
The Night Before

Your friends want to go out and have a drink with you, but it looks like you still have to make up for the mess you caused in the bar last evening before you can leave. Solve the puzzle, find the objects, and find a way out.

8 / 10
Sittin at a Bar

In this game you're already pretty far gone, but want to continue sitting at the bar. Grab the beer that flies by. You won't look much better for it, and it certainly won't improve your balance. How long can you stay seated?

8 / 10
Hidden Wine Bottles

Try to find all of the hidden pieces of the broken wine bottle in this game. Can you find all of the pieces and piece them back together again?

8 / 10

Mix the right drinks and keep your customers happy. Can you make the desired profit for the day? Find out whether you can keep your cool when the bar gets crowded. Good luck!

8 / 10
NYC Mafiosi

Can you take over all of New York City as the head of a crime family? Choose your skill set and try to purchase or take over all the property around without running afoul of other powerful mobsters.

8 / 10

Can you still slam in a nail when drunk on a Friday afternoon? Test your hand eye coordination in this drinking game, Hammered!

8 / 10
The Morning After

After a night of partying hard you wake up in a locker student flat. Can you find your way out again? Search the rooms and find useful objects to make your way to the outside world once again.

8 / 10
Simpsons Beer Game

Catch the falling kegs of beer with the Simpsons and put them in your car. The kegs that are of fire (?!) are maybe best left alone.

8 / 10
Britney's Cocktail Quest

Britney Spears is craving a drink, but she doesn't have any money. Can you help her grab the drinks without anyone noticing? Make sure the waiter doesn't notice you swilling away.

8 / 10
Crazy Hangover

You've had way too much to drink last night, and now you have no idea where you are. Try to find the way out of the room. collect items you need to escape.

7.9 / 10
Mind Me Bloody Beer

Can you keep a straight face to let nobody see how drunk you are? More importantly, can you keep a straight glass? Keep your mug up, even when you've had a few, without spilling your beer on your lap. That doesn't sound too hard, does it?

8 / 10
Beer monster

This game is about collecting beer. The concept doesn't really need a lot of explanation: Make your way through the levels in this platform game while grabbing cans of beer. Don't get hit by the balls of fire when carrying all that booze or you'll go up in flames!

8 / 10
Beerbarf Blastoff

After a night of hard partying you want to get home as quick as possible. How to do this? A bit of violent projectile vomiting should do the trick.

0 / 10
Glorious Cocktails

Aim your flaming cocktails at the celebrities and try to make as many kills as you can to score the maximum amount of points. Aim carefully, because you don't want to waste your five shots.

8 / 10
More Beer

You get three random bits of pipe. Try to lay them in the right places. A used bit of pipe will be replaced by a new random bit of pipe in your inventory. Connect the kegs to the bar to keep the beer flowing.

8 / 10
Drunk Aim

Can you still aim straight down the porcelain bowl after a couple of drinks?

8 / 10
Drunken Master

Serve drunks at the bar for your customers. Frank, the boss, will come in to tell you how to do tricks and mix drinks for extra tips. Can you earn promotions and learn new skills? Make sure you don't drop too many bottles and lose too many customers.

8 / 10
Amok Madman

Try to keep the drunk's arm straight while you shoot the targets off the shelf in this beer shooter.

8 / 10
Drunk Walk

Try to balance this drunk with your mouse and get him to walk him as far as possible before he falls over.

8 / 10
Drunk Driver

Drunk Driver is a game that will prove why driving under influence is not a good idea. Try dodging the other cars and try to drive a straight line.

8 / 10
Irish Rage

Collect all the beer with the leprechaun. On your way to the end of the level you can beat up all the people you encounter. DOn't forget to click on the four-leaf clover for some fun extras.

8 / 10
Drunken Sam

Help Sam get back home on time. It won't be an easy task, because he's ever so slightly rather terribly drunk. He won't be able to make it alone. Can you move all of the obstacles out of his way so that he can make it home without any accidents?

6 / 10

Not Frogger but Pubber. Help the drunk guy cross the road and the river and get to the next pub in this version of Frogger.

8 / 10

Amy Winehouse is on the loose as Winezilla in this game. She's out to free her husband from prison. What will it take to topple the 30 metre woman and stop Winezilla's rampage?

3.3 / 10
Drunk Klunk

Drink as many shots as you can at the bar. Don't let anyone know you're drunk. Or, well, try to at least stay on your seat. How long will your bar stool stay yours?

0 / 10

How good are you at drinking games?

You can play all kinds of online drinking games here on games.co.za. Lots of different games with different goals to attain. Play a game of mini golf, for instance, or be a bartender. Mix coctails or play a game of beer pong. But whatever you do, keep walking straight and don\'t drink too much! Have fun with these silly drinking games!

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