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Line Rider 3

Line rider is back on his sled. Draw a spectacular track for him using powerful acceleration lines and smooth slopes. Try loopings and huge jumps and see what happens in Line Rider 3.

8 / 10
Male Anime Avatar Creator

In this game you can make anime avatars for yourself and your friends. Choose manga style eyes and hair, and nice accessories and clothing.

4.3 / 10
Lily Paint Magic

Colour a pretty picture. You get to choose the colours and what to draw. Pick all the colours you like best and draw something nice. Have fun!

8 / 10
Skin Craft

In this game you can make your own customized Minecraft skin. You can adjust the colours of everything, and try lots of different templates and accessories.

8.2 / 10
Music Sequencer

Choose a colour and draw a shape. You can draw whatever you feel like. Listen to the music and change colours when you feel like it. Have fun being ceative!

8 / 10
Chair Flyer

The stuntman from Line flyer is back. After his unfortunate accidents in preceding adventures he is now wheelchair-bound. But he is still fearless and peerless in his stunts. Draw a track for him to roll down and see how he can still fly across the screen.

8 / 10
Pencil Racer Skate Park

Choose a mode of transport and go down the track you just drew. Keep going for as long as possible and try not to crash.

8 / 10
Line Runner

Devise the best way for power runner to collect objects by drawing lines for him to run along. Use your lines cleverly and don't drop him!

8 / 10
Car Line

Draw a line from the car to the parking space you want to get your car in, and click on GO. Be careful when drawing your line, and watch out for the other cars.

8 / 10
Doodle Destroyer

You've got to think a little bigger, darling. In this game you can draw your own weapon and then use it to kill all of your enemies. Think big, be creative.

8 / 10
Free Rider 3

Draw in the lines so you can cycle across them with your line rider. Make the lines nice and smooth to get where you need to go. ...Or not.

8.1 / 10
Ritris Tetris

In Ritris Tetris you get to make your own tetris blocks. Are you tired of never getting the blocks you need? Ritris allows you to create exactly the blocks you want. Play away all of the red blocks with your own customized Tetris blocks.

8 / 10
Line Rider Zada

In this version of Line Rider you can experiment with all kind of new tools. Draw reverse lines and acceleration lines to launch Line Rider across the screen with more vigour than ever before!

8 / 10

Copy out the shape that appears on screen in every round. Look carefully because it will only appear on screen very shortly. This is a real test to your visual memory. Good luck!

8 / 10
Famous Paintings Parody Quiz

In this game you will be shown all kinds of pictures. They are all parodies of famous paintings. But can you tell which paintings?

0 / 10
Barbie Halloween Dress Up

Can you help Barbie make her own Halloween costume? Choose the fabric and cut the pattern. Take Barbie's measurements and sew together the pieces of her outfit.

0 / 10
Draw Bounce

Try to get the bouncing ball to the star. here and there you'll find a bonus such as doubling the size of the ball or reducing gravity, but the most fun part of this game has to be figuring out which way the ball will bounce.

8 / 10
Doodle Defender

Design your own doodle spaceship and then use it to defeat your enemies. You can choose a template on draw anything as crazy or weird as you want. In the course of the game you can also add cannons to your ship (which you also get to draw yourself). Though the shooting part is fun of course, the best part of this game is designing your own cannons and ships. The results can be hilarious.

8.2 / 10
Line Rider

Draw your own line rider track and see what happens when line rider tries to ride his sled down it. So designs can cause some pretty funny stunts and crashes. Have fun!

8 / 10
Line Boarder

In this version of Line rider what you draw is a track for Line Rider to snowboard down. This Line rider is far more crash-tolerant than the previous versions, though he can still be chopped in half or find other unpleasant ways to meet his end. Have fun!

8 / 10
Line rider 2

In this version of Line Rider you have some more options when designing a track. Were you annoyed when in the original you couldn't get Line rider back up once he'd come down too far in the screen? The red line is an elevator, which will pull him up fast.

8 / 10
Draw Story 2

In this game you have to solve puzzles in every level by drawing things. Draw things in the levels that will allow you to move your character around.

8 / 10
Tattoo Artist 3

Do you want to become a tattoo artist? Here's your chance. It's your first day in the tattoo shop. Can you trace and colour the tattoo without messing it up or hurting the cutomers too badly? Try it now!

8 / 10
Draw Play 3

Draw the path that can get your mummy from one side of the field to the flag on the other side. Avoid, or where possible erase, the obstacles and get to the flag to unlock the next level.

8 / 10
Wake Up The Box 5

The 5th version of this fun, popular game. Draw the right shapes in the drawing area and use them to find a way to wake up the sleepy box.

8 / 10
Line Flyer

This highly crash-proof line rider has brought his motorcycle to the game. Make him do the craziest leaps and stunts and see what happens when you make this line rider step onto his bike.

8 / 10
The Sketcher

In this drawing game you have to copy the shape you are given with your own pencil, the mouse. Go over the lines and finish the shape before your time is up.

8 / 10
Color Archers

In this game you must copy the symbol above the head of the robot. You can draw it with your mouse anywhere in the field and any size, all you have to do is get the right colour and copy it accurately enough. Then your archers will shoot at that robot. Collect spells and customize your own symbols to invoke them.

8 / 10
Stunt Bike Draw 2

Draw a smooth line for the stunt bike to ride across. The line should allow the bike to jump over all of the obstacles without having a terrible crash.

7.2 / 10
Bounce Ball

In this game you have to get the ball to the finish by drawing lines for it to bounce on. It's very very bouncy though, so make sure you get the distances and angles of the lines right.

7.2 / 10
Paper War

This is a fun art game. Can you copy out the existing lines neatly? It seems easy, but with a mouse or a touchpad these things are more tricky than you'd think.

8 / 10
Bike Trix

In this game you can do all kinds of cool tricks on your bike. Do a stunt by tracing the shape that appears on screen. Pick the right moment to trace the shape.

8 / 10
Mega Bounce

Draw lines in the sky in this game to keep the rubber ball bouncing up. You'll have to be quick in drawing the lines, and you'll have to be fairly precise too!

8 / 10
Line Runner 2

Draw the line so that the little guy can run through the level. If you can, try to draw it so that he can also grab all the bonuses too.

8 / 10
Tattoo Passion 2

Give everyone who comes to your tattoo parlour a pretty tattoo. First place the stencil in the right spot. Draw in the lines and add the right colours.

6 / 10
Molo Moro 4

Try to get the little guys to the end of the level. Draw the blocks and drop them into the field to move the little guys and get them where you want.

8 / 10
Shoe Designer

In this game you can design your own shoes. You get to make them as pretty, ugly, or over the top as you like. Choose between different models, colours, patterns, and decorations!

8 / 10
Fashion Studio Winter

Pick the colours and designs you like best and combine them to make your own collection of amazing winter clothing in this fashion game.

2 / 10

Help the magical fox girl to run through the level and collect the coins. Draw shapes you can use to climb from one platform to the next. But watch out! Drawing shapes costs health points! Collect the hearts to gain health points back.

0 / 10
Fashion Studio Winter Outfit

In this game you can design your own winter fashion. Combine all kinds of different trousers, sleeves, coats and more. Select your favourite colours and set a new trend!

0 / 10
Design a Belt

In this game you get to design your own belt. Choose the shape you want and the colours. You can add pretty patterns, buttons, and other decorations.

0 / 10
Baby Alice Fun Craft

Help Baby Alice get ready to do some fun arts and crafts. Collect all the materials first, and then you are ready to get started!

0 / 10

Are you good at drawing things?

Are you good at drawing things? Can you draw a straight line without quivering hands? When you draw a circle, does it come out looking neat and round? Then try one of these online drawing games. Draw shapes with your mouse. Sometimes you will have to copy a shape, or trace a line as precicely as you can. In other games you get to draw a track that a character then rides or slides down. Have fun!

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