Staking Claims
Play a game of dots and boxes in the American Wild West. Try to outsmart the computer and seize all the boxes. The ones with gold in them are worth more.
0 / 10
Dots and Boxes
Connect the dots to make boxes before the computer does in this online version of the classic dot game. Collect the presents to gain access to a bonus level for extra points. Make sure you have more boxes than your opponent by the end of the round.
8 / 10
Connect The Dots Boxes
Connect the dots with a line. Take turns to draw in lines with your opponent. The one to place a line that finishes the box wins that box. Try to win as many boxes as you can.
8 / 10
Stake Your Claim
Try to claim as many square lots as you can. You have to take turns with your opponent building one wall each turn. You get an extra go when you complete a square lot. Can you outsmart your opponent?
0 / 10
Fenced in
Dots and boxes! The legendary game, which can be fun to play on your own or together. Don't make it easy on your opponent and fence in as many squares as possible for the highest score.
8 / 10
Make fully closed squares as fast as you can. Can you get the majority of the board? Use the rooms to defuse the bombs before they blow up everything!
8 / 10
Pirate Encounters
Seize as much of the board as you can in this pirate-themed dots and boxes game. Play the game by yourself to practice, or play against a friend!
8 / 10

Play dots and boxes here!

Dots and boxes is a game that is known by many names. Some people call it dots and dashes, dots and squares, paddocks, or the dot game. The idea of the game is to connect the dots with a one line every turn. the player to make the 4th line around a lot and completes the box gets to own it. If you manage to make a box you get another turn. Set out your lines in such a way to minimize the number boxes your opponent can make. In some games the boxes will have different values, and then you must, of course, make sure you get the highest value boxes. In the standard game the rule is, however, that the player with the most boxes to his or her name wins.

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