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Dodgeball or battleball is a really popular ball game in many schools, and is often played during recess or physical education classes. There are many different types of dodgeball. Sometimes its everyone for themselves, and sometimes the group is divided into teams. You grab the ball and throw it. If you hit an opponent that player is out, but if the opponent catches the ball then you\'re out. Now you can enjoy dodgeball online too. Play an online dodgeball game. In some of these games you\'ll be throwing objects rather than balls.

We like these games:Forceships.io, Beaned, Dodgeball

Duck for cover behind the asteroids to avoid enemy fire in Forceships.io. Weave around the obstacles and ambush your opponents. How many other players can you eliminate from the space arena?
0 / 10
Play dodgeball againt a team of aliens to save the world. Use bombs and spin balls to secure the fate of the world and drive out the aliens.
8 / 10
The team sport Dodgeball is a P.E. favourite. Dodge the balls while hitting the players of the opposing team. Grab the balls, but don't get hit!
8.3 / 10