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Stunt Dive

In this game you can jump off the diving board and do all kinds of great stunts. Try to straighten out before you land for the maximum score. You get to jump three times per match.

8 / 10
Deep Sea Hunter

Go on a deep sea adventure with your submarine and shoot the creatures. The deeper you go the more sea monsters you will come across. What lies hidden in the deep? collect coins and gold to trade for upgrades.

8 / 10
Fancy Diver 3

Break the coloured blocks in this game. A number of divers are trapped below the blocks. Can you play the blocks away by making combinations and clearing a path for the divers to float up?

2 / 10
Hero in the Ocean

Search the maze of caves underwater in your yellow submarine. Try to find all of the lost divers, and also all three of the stars. Will you be able to find the way?

0 / 10
Tweety's Ocean Clearing

Clean the ocean floor by diving for the trash and bringing it up to the boat. Watch out for all the sea creatures swimming by that knock you off course.

8 / 10
Deep Lift 2

Find the lost treasure in the sea. First you will have to get past all the platforms crawling with poisonous sea urchins and sharks. Jump from platform to platform and make sure you don't run out of oxygen!

8 / 10
Plasticine Diver

Use the fish to launch at the diver and knock him off screen. Can you make the octopus come out and grab the diver in each level? You only have a certain amount of shots!

0 / 10
Monkey Diving

Your monkeys are diving off the cliff, make sure they land in the waves and not on the ground. Time your jumps right and your monkey lives to see another jump and score you more points.

8 / 10
Johnny Deep

Jump into the water with Johnny and swim as deep as possible. While swimming you'll come across all kinds of obstacles, fish, bombs, and more! You can swim underwater until you run out of oxygen or lose too much blood. With the money you find you can buy upgrades to stay underwater longer or swim faster.

8 / 10
Swimming Competition

Compete in an underwater race against other divers. Choose the type of race and the difficulty. Choose the number of opponents and the length of the race. Avoid the sharks and hitch hike with the dolphins.

8 / 10
Treasure Diving

Dive into the sea to search for treasure in this game. Swim down, but watch out for all kind of undersea menaces and dangers such as fish, stingrays, coral reefs, and sharks.

8 / 10

Take your submarine to the hole in the ocean floor and plug it up. The whirlpool created by this hole is making your submarine spin, so you'll have to be very careful.

8 / 10
Penguin Jump

Click on the penguins to make them jump down the cliff. Click on them at the right moment so that they jump onto the floating ice instead of falling into the water. They will jump by themselves if you wait too long though.

8 / 10
Deep Lift

Try to reach the end of the level every time by jumping from platform to platform. Aim carefully and try to grab as many extra lives and other bonus icons.

8 / 10
Steppen Wolf 16

You've crashlanded the submarine on the seabed. You'll have to descend further to find the Kraken, but watch out for its tentacles!

0 / 10

Can you feel the pressure in your ears?

Try one of our diving games. Dive into a pool or lake from a diving board or from a rock. Or try some deep sea diving with oxygen tanks and goggles. It\'s all possible in these online diving games.

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