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Diddl's Quick Bottle Post
It's spring and Diddl has come up with a new idea to send his love letters to his girlfriend Diddlina: A system of canals. It's just a little muddled up at the present. Maybe you can help Diddl reorganize the tubes to get his bottles with love letters to the other side?
8 / 10
Diddl Flower Game
Help your favourite Jumping Mouse Diddl collect as many flowers in the garden as you can. find the basket to collect the flowers and, and the ribbon to tie them together, so that Diddl can give is big bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend Diddlina.
8 / 10
Diddl's Spring Game
It's spring in Cheesecakeland and Diddle and diddlina are in love. Help Diddle draw all kinds of pictures for Diddlina by navigating the little hearts through the picture maze without touching the sides. Click on the heart to shrink it to the right size and pick it up, then move it around using the mouse. Complete three pictures this way.
8 / 10
Crazy Keepie-Uppie Game
Help Pimboli and Mimihopps, Diddl's friends, bounce the ball into the bucket. Headbutt the ball into the bucket. Don't drop it!
8 / 10
Vanillivi's Four-Leaf Clover Hunt
Vanillivi, Diddl's cute little sheep friend, would love to collect four-leaf clovers in the sunny field with you. Help Vanillivi find the four leaf clovers. Watch out for the frog and don't click on the other clovers either, or you will lose playing time. Click on the icon marked "Naar het spel" to start playing.
8 / 10
the Honeypot Hunt
Help Pimboli, Diddl's teddybear friend, collect as much honey as possible on his way home. Help Pimboli ride his cart home and avoid the obstacles on the road while collecting the pots of honey.
8 / 10
Flickering Constellations
Imitate the constellations Milimits the cat and Diddlina the Jumping Mouse see. Double click on a circle for an asteroid. Click on the Play icon to begin the game.
8 / 10
The Great Steeplechase Competition
In this game you must help your favourite Jumping Mouse Diddl cross the road and the water to get to his girlfriend Diddlina. Avoid all the stinging flies and snakes and don't fall into the water.
6.4 / 10

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Play the best Diddle games here. Aside from the mouse Diddl and his girlfriend Diddlina, these games also feature the raven Ackaturbo, Mimihopps the rabbit, Vanillivi the Angora sheep, Pimboli the teddy bear, Bibombl, and many more cute animals. Play fun games with these lovable cartoon characters in any of the games listed below!

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