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Bravo Boogie

Become Johnny Bravo and impress the girls with your dancing. Woah, momma!

8.1 / 10
Sims 2 Nightlife

Repeat the scratch sequence in the right order and make the dancers go wild on the dance floor in this Sims 2 Nightlife game.

8 / 10
Dolls Super Dance

DDR for dolls. Pick your favourite doll and select a dancing style for her to perform. Now you can make the dolls dance by pressing the right arrow keys as they pass along the screen. Press them at the right moment to do the dance. You can later watch your dance to see how you did.

8 / 10
Hip Hop Don't Stop

Dance along with the girls in this hip hop dance group. Do all the moves by pressing all the arrow keys to keep up with the rest and show them who's best.

8 / 10
Make Your Own Haka

Make your own Haka dance in order to terrify your opponents even before the match begins. Choose dance moves and drag them into the time-line. You can press play at any moment to see what your dance looks like and to make improvements.

8 / 10
Girls Dating

Try to chat up as many girls by the bar or on the dance floor as you can. So what if your pick up lines are absolutely terrible, as long as your confidence stays up. And if it flags, you can always get a shot of confidence at the bar... that is, as long as your money lasts...

8 / 10
United We Dance

Dance with celebrities at a location of your choice in this silly game. Choose a nice background for the celeb dancing duo.

8 / 10
Mr Bean

Go dancing with Mr Bean in this silly game based on the movie Mr Bean's Holiday. Take control and make Mr Bean do a dance on the beach.

8 / 10
United We Dance 2

Make the former USA president George Bush dance around in this game. Try out all the different dance moves and throw in some different backgrounds and disco lights.

4 / 10
Dance Dance Blast

Get ready to dance and have a blast! Show off all your best dance moves on the dance floor. Move to the music and get all the moves down perfectly in this dancing game.

8 / 10
Dancing With Barbie

Have fun and dance with Barbie. Show Barbie how good you are at dancing. Pick a cool name and then create a great dancing show.

8 / 10
Ballet Parking

In this game you play The Red Guy form the cartoon show Cow and Chicken, and you must use your car to ram other cars into the right parking spaces. The parking spaces are colour-coded.

8 / 10
Ballerina Doll Creator

In this fun doll creator game you can make your own ballerina. Create a ballerina of your own, or create a doll that looks like you as a ballerina.

9 / 10
Dance With Barbie

Can you do all the same dance moves as Barbie? Imitate all her moves while she dances and become just as good at dancing as Barbie is.

8 / 10
Jingle Juggy

Dance with the little monkey. Try dancing in all kinds of different styles. There are super-moves you can unlock in every level to score extra points. Try to work your way through every level and keep your fans happy.

8 / 10
Dancing Dress Up

Pick a professional looking outfit for this young dancer. Choose from all kinds of flowing dresses and skirts that will look spectacular when she whirls around on the dance floor. choose a nice pair of shoes and accessories to decorate her hair too.

8 / 10
Fired Up

Are you a good dancer? You can show your skills in this game. Press the arrow keys at the right moment and make some great combos. Can you beat your opponent?

8 / 10
Jungle Jiggy

Help Simmo win the dance competition in this game. You can practice or compete. Unlock more dances by competing and getting the required minimum score. Can you do all the difference dances?

8 / 10
Aerobics Dance Training

Help the instructor get her aerobics and dance class ready to perform a routine. The participants are lazy and easily tired out. Help the instructor by motivating them and replenishing their energy.

8 / 10
Break Dance in the Crowd

Are you good at dancing? In this game you can breakdance in the middle of the crowd. Show your best moves and get the highest score in this dance battle.

8.7 / 10
Honey Queen

Are you a good dancer? Make sure you press the right arrow keys at the right moment to dance on the beat and do all the moves right. Can you keep up?

8 / 10
Ya Dancer

Dance with the little green man and make the right moves at the right moment, otherwise he won't enjoy it. Press the arrow keys at the right moments to make him happy wit his dancing skills.

8 / 10
Harlem Shake

Make your way through the room and tap everyone to start flailing wildly when the beat drops in this game based on the new viral hype, the Harlem Shake. Can you get to the safe spots on time?

8 / 10
Perfect Dancing

Dance together with a friend who knows all the moves. You have to imitate them. Press the arrow keys to make the same moves. How long can you dance in sync?

2 / 10
Dance Match

Remember the right colours and click on the squares. When the time runs out The Maccabees will start to dance, but if their squares aren't coloured right they will explode. Be very quick though, because you only have very little time to click the right squares.

0 / 10
Dancing Duck

Keep dancing with this funny duck in a top hat. Avoid the falling pumpkins, because if you get hit that's the end of your dancing duck.

0 / 10
Dancing Blair

Tony Blair's popularity had drooped into the gutter. Can his dance moves save his flagging reputation and restore the public's confidence in him? Probably not! This is just amusing.

0 / 10
We Dancing Online

How good are you at dancing? In this game you can dance all you want, but press the right buttons at the right moments to do all the moves at the right moment. Have fun!

0 / 10
Dance with the Swans Dress Up

Dress up this cute little ballerina. You get to try on all kinds of glittery and beautiful outfits. Which ones do you like best?

0 / 10
Hiphop Dancer

Choose between the many items of clothing and accessories and create a great outfit for this hiphop dancer. Which clothes do you like best?

0 / 10

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