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Virtual Curling
Play a game of curling against the PC. Try to get your granite stones closest to the house (the target) as possible. You can bump your opponent's stones out of the way.
8 / 10
Two favourite children's interests are combined in this game where you hurl dinosaurs around in outer space. Make them bump into each other and the planets as much as possible. Dinosaurs and outer space, planet-shaped dinosaurs, it's all a kid could ever wish for!
8 / 10
Puppy Curling
In this game of curling you don't slide granite stones across the ice, you slide puppies across a polished floor. Try to get you puppies in the target. You can bump your opponent's puppies out if you want.
8 / 10
Office Curling
Curling becomes a whole lot more fun when you play it with an office chair in the office. Especially when there's a colleague sitting in that office chair...
8 / 10

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Curling is a precision sport and a winter sport that is reminscent of bowls, petanque and bocce, but is played on ice. It is played using heavy stones and brooms to sweep the ice. Slide your stone over the ice; and play one of our online curling games listed below.

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