Crash Test Dummy 2
Put your car in the right gear and determine the best angle. Try to crash as hard as possible and launch your crash test dummy at the centre of the target for the highest score.
8.1 / 10
Crash Test Launcher
In this game you have to launch your crash test dummy as far as you can. Drive the car hard into the wall so that the dummy flies out through the front window and travels a long way through the air.
8 / 10
Crash Test Dummy 1
Ram your car against the wall as hard as you can and launch the crash test dummy out of the car! How far can you fling this unfortunate passenger through the front windscreen?
8 / 10

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Crash Test Dummies are the human-sized puppets used to test the safety of cars and other vehicles in possible driving situations, including crashes. In these games it\'s mostly about the simulated crashes...

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