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Cow Maze

Steer the cows in the right direction in this German cow game. Drag the arrows and other useful items into the field and put them where you think they should go. Grab the keys and use the bulls in the field to your advantage. It gets more and more complex as you go along.

8.1 / 10
Ranch Rush

In this farm game you have to gorw lots of different products and earn money to make your farm bigger. That way you will also attract new customers.

8 / 10
Hide N Go Milk

Help Otis collect the right bottles of milk for the party-goers, but watch out for prying cattle keepers. Don't let them see you walk on two legs carrying a tray of drinks to the party barn.

8 / 10
Crazy Cow

Place fences in the field to get the running cow to the barn. You will need to collect the key to the barn first by having the cow run over it.

8 / 10
Mad Cows

Pick out the cows infected with mad cow disease from the herd. They are easy to spot, but they are also rather fast. Can you weed out the 30 mad ones in 60 seconds?

8 / 10
Catch the Cow

In this simple game you have to catch the falling cows in your basket with this strange Dick Bruna-esque character. The game gets a little faster with each cow you catch.

8 / 10

Herd the cows into the milking area and switch farmers to milk the cows. Don't step in any cow poop though, and do it before your time runs out.

8 / 10
Milkyway 10

The farmer is on holidays. Can you take care of the cows and make sure they produce as much milk possible?

8 / 10
Cow Tower

The cups in which the milk is collected are mounted on the paper planes. Every time one flies by, click on the right cow to make it jump over the plane and squirt milk into the cup. Don't hit the planes, or the milk will spill.

8 / 10
Milk Panic

The cows need to be milked. And how! Run around milking them like crazy, otherwise they explode!

8 / 10
Wrath II

Play at being God in this funny game and make people and cows tremble with fear at your might. Allow your anger to rage across the land as you master all of the elements.

8 / 10
Holy Cow

The holy cow hovers over the heads of the unhappy people below. Find out what they want to be blessed with, grab the falling blessings to make them holy, and drop them on the right people. If you wait too long or give them the wrong blessings the people will get so aggravated they die. Unwanted blessings can be dropped into the two funnels.

8 / 10

Squirt milk at the fish and other sea creatures with Moolga the flying rubber cow. Collect the ears of corn to replenish your milk-supply, but watch out for the bombs. You can try to avoid those or squirt milk at them.

8 / 10
Pigs Go Home

Knock the pigs out of the pasture so that only the cows remain. You can knock them out, or bounce them into a trap. Watch out for the traps though! You could fall in too! The water will slow you down and the red arrow will speed you up. Can you also collect the three stars at the same time?

8 / 10
Steak and Jake

In this game you have to try to figure out how to get the cows from one to the other end of the level. Place the items you've got along the way so that they can get past.

8 / 10

How now, brown cow?

Cows or cattle are usually raised as livestock or dairy animals. Sometimes they are also used for pulling carts and plows. In these cattle games you can milk cows in a dairy farm, herd your cows and let them graze in the fields. You can also race a motorbike with a cow, build a tower out of cows, or solve puzzle with cows. However you prefer your cows, you\'ll find something to amuse you in this overview of cow games.

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