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Clowning Around 2
In this sequel to Clowning Around you trade in your unicycle for a teeny-tiny bike. Help the clown across the tightrope on this ridiculously undersized bicycle.
6.6 / 10
Clown Killer 2
Are you creeped out by clowns? Is it a touch of coulrophobia or have you just seen It too many times? In this game the clowns are on the loose and it's your job to stop them! Shoot them down before they stab you!
8 / 10
Lolly's Candy Factory
Help Eric Cartman collect as much candy as you can in his buckets. Lolly is throwing the candy, and he gets faster and faster as the game goes on.
8 / 10
Jojo's funny Farm
Help Jojo the clown round up all of the circus animals and lead them back into the enclose. Once you've walked into an animal it follows you. Lead in behind the fence.
8 / 10
Always Room for More
Can you put all the pieces in the right place? It's a tricky jigzaw puzzle with clowns and circus animals. Can you complete the picture?
0 / 10

Do you love clowns? Or do they completely creep you out?

Play out clown games here. Below you\'ll find some humorous games featuring funny circus clowns, who need some help with their acts. But you\'ll also find games in which the clowns are evil and on the loose. And you will need to protect the city from them.

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