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Go Kart Manager

In this game you are the manager of a racing team. Can you distribute your resources wisely and keep making a profit. Divide your money over the car, research & development, and hiring the best drivers.

8 / 10
Sportsbike Challenge

Race your motorbike and make sure you don't crash. Can you overtake all of your opponents? Be the first to cross the finish line in this fun 3D racing game.

8 / 10
Super Drift 2

Race along the circuit and drift through the bends. Try to stay in control as you tear around the corners. Can you stay ahead of your opponent?

8 / 10
Crash Bandicoot Racer

Stay ahead of your opponents and be the first to cross the finish line with Crash Bandicoot from the video game series. Can you win every race?

8 / 10
Super Drift 3D

The road up ahead is full of sharp bends. Can you overtake and stay ahead of your opponents while drifting through all the bends in the road?

8 / 10
Thunder Cars

Beat all the other cars to the finish. It gets a bit annoying when the road is very crowded. Use the points you make to upgrade your car.

8.3 / 10
V8 Muscle Cars 2

Race past all the other cars. Try to dodge them and don't smash into them too often or you'll lose a lot of speed. Pick up the Turbo coins to save up for a nitro boost.

8 / 10
Monster Race 3D

Race your monstertruck along the different tracks and always stay ahead of your opponents. Grab the nitro boost icons for extra speed when you need to overtake the others.

8 / 10
Bay Race 3D

Race your car along the circuit in this racing game. Drive over the blue and yellow arrows for an extra speed boost and avoid the oil spills! Stay ahead of all of your opponents!

8 / 10
3D Speed Driver

Dodge all of the obstacles on the road and overtake all of the other cars. Complete the challenges and win the race. Try to grab as many coins and power-ups as you can along the way.

8 / 10
Street Race

Try to be the first to cross the finish line in all 6 auto races. Use the money you win to buy upgrades for your car. All the upgrades you buy count for all of your cars!

8 / 10
Burning Horizon

Race through the city against a number of other cars. In this game you must overtake all of your opponents. Stay in control of your car and be the first to pass the finish.

8 / 10
American Racing

Try to win every race, but read the instructions beforehand, because sometimes you will have to do something other than overtake other cars. Find yourself a sponsor and use the prize money you earn to upgrade your car.

8.3 / 10
Acceleration 3D

Race to the finish as fast as you can. Overtake everyone else and stay ahead of your opponents. You will have to make three laps. Stay focused!

8 / 10
Moto Run

Race across the motorway in your motorcycle race and overtake all the other drivers. Make sure you don't run into a car though!

8.2 / 10
Phineas and Ferb Race

Race against one other racer on this circuit. Race with cartoon characters Phineas and Ferb from the TV series. Before the race starts you can even put together your own car!

8 / 10
Grand Truckismo

Race against all the other trucks in this game and collect points. You can use these to upgrade your ride. Can you get a car that is powerful enough to win all the races?

9.3 / 10
Kizi Kart Racing

Kizi Kart Racing tests your driving skills and nerve as you race along an obstacle-laden racetrack, pushing your way past the other drivers and collecting rewards without crashing. Collect the gold coins and other bonuses along the track and avoid collisions with other drivers which will slow you down. Can you be the first to cross the finish line?

0 / 10
Monster Truck Fever

Drive your monster truck along the circuit and defeat all the other trucks. Overtake everyone. Don't mind the car wrecks on the road. You can bash your monster truck right over them!

8 / 10
Speed Biker

Try to reach the end of this racing track as fast as possible. Overtake the slow cars, but be careful! They seem to drive in your way as much as they can. Don't get too frustrated, don't get to smashed up, but don't get overtaken either.

8 / 10
CycloManiacs 2

Defeat all the cyclomaniacs in this crazy bike racing game. Collect upgrades and win the matches to unlock new areas on the map. You can also unlock new characters to play with. There are lots of fun minigames you can do in your headquarters too!

8 / 10
Drift Online

Drift Online is a nice game in which your objective is simply to race the car a full lap around the circuit. Drift through the corners and stay in control of the wheel. That may be trickier than it looks though. Take the turn too sharp and you will crash, but turn too weakly and you will skid out of bounds!

4 / 10
Freegear Z

You start all the way behind all the other cars in this racing game. Can you overtake all your opponents and cross the finish first?

0 / 10
Formula Fever

Tear across the circuit as an f1 racer! Can you overtake all the other cars, grab all the coins, and cross the finish line ahead of everyone else? Good luck!

8 / 10
Grand Prix Go 2

Win the grand prix! Overtake everyone else, stay ahead of the rest, and be the first to cross the finish line in this fun racing game!

8.4 / 10
Car Eats Car 2 Mad Dreams

Enter in races and use the points you score to purchase all kinds of useful upgrades. Upgrade your car until you are the very fastest on the circuit. Can you beat all your opponents?

8.2 / 10
Micro Racers

Pick your own car and make sure you reach the finish before the three other racers do. Are you really the fastest? Use your nitro to gain a speed boost.

8 / 10
Wow What a Race

Race across the circuit. It's you against three other cars. Be the first to cross the finish and get the golden medal. Good luck!

8 / 10

Drive the bus across the circuit and make sure you make the laps within the time limit. The bus is easy to steer and reacts well to the controls. Can you finish all the levels in easy and in difficult mode?

8 / 10
3D Extreme Rescue

In this game you're not racing against other cars but against other ambulances! Drift in all the bends in the circuit to save up fuel for nitro boosts.

8 / 10
Heat Rush USA

How good are you at racing cars? You'll have to stay ahead of everyone else and cross the finish first in this car racing game set in the USA!

8.3 / 10
Reach the Goal Racer

Race across the racing course in your racing car. You can use a nitro boost to speed ahead, but make sure you don't lose control of your car. Will you be the first to cross the finish?

8 / 10
USS Racing 2

Choose a decal and colours for your car and race around the circuit with it. You can pick up weapons along the way to fire at your opponents. Be the first to cross the finish line!

8 / 10
Super Rally Extreme

Can you upgrade your car to the max? Win the prize money in every race and unlock new models and upgrades. Can you overtake all the other drivers?

8 / 10
VXR Racing

Choose your car and race against your opponents. Make sure to be the one to cross the finish line first. You race against one other car. Don't lose control of your car, watch out for the oil on the road!

8 / 10
Turbo Drifters

Can you overtake all the other cars in this game and be the first to make it to the finish? Make sure you're the first to cross that finish line!

8.7 / 10
Winter and V12

It's been freezing cold out and the road is icy and slippery. Not ideal circumstances for a car race, but can you still manage to stay ahead of all your opponents in the competition despite the weather?

8 / 10
Galaxy Rush 3D

Can you stay ahead of all your opponents? Fly past them in your space ship and try to reach the finish of this space race track first!

8 / 10
Flash Sprint

Race through the levels as fast as you can and try to be the first one to cross the finish line! Can you speed away from your opponents each time? Try it now!

8 / 10
ATV Champions

Race along the quad and get ahead of your opponents. Stay ahead as you speed towards the finish line. Grab the power-ups to gain an extra advantage over your opponents.

8 / 10
Ninja Turtles Sewer Race

Race across the road with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In this racing game you are Leonardo. Grab the pizzas for a speed boost and beat Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello to the finish.

8 / 10
Super Rally Challenge 2

Drive along the circuit and overtake all the other cars. Try to stick to the middle of the track, because you'll lose a lot of speed if you veer off the road.

8 / 10
Red Bull Kart Fighter

Drive along the circuit and be the first to cross the finish. Race past all of your opponents and make sure you keep them behind you.

2 / 10
Speed Rush

Play Speed Rush, a nice Racing game for free!

0 / 10
Racer Kartz

Race along the road in your little racing kart. Can you complete all the challenges without crashing into anything along the way?

0 / 10
Club Nitro

Drive your car across the road. the circuit is a street in a city, so watch out to take the right turns. Can you collect all the coins along the way?

0 / 10
Super Bike Racer

Race down the road as fast as you can on your motorbike and overtake all your opponents. Will you be the first to cross the finish line?

0 / 10
Super Bike GP

Make sure you are the first to cross the finish in this motor race. Can you overtake all of your opponents and stay in the lead?

0 / 10
World Karting Championship

Will you be the first to tear across the finish line in this fun karting game? You will have to overtake and stay ahead of all your opponents.

0 / 10
Krazy Karts 3D

This racing game is inspired by karting. Can you help your piglet overtake all the other cars and racers on the circuit and get to the finish first?

0 / 10

Race around the circuit!

You\'re at the start line of the circuit with your motorcycle or car and you get to race down it! A circuit is a track you can race down. It may be oval, round, or have a number of bends, sometimes including hairpin U-turns. Circuits end at the same point where they finish, and often you will have to cover the length of it more then once, that is to say one lap. You have to negotiate the bends tactfully or you will lose to much time recovering from faulty steering. On the straight stretches you can stamp down on the acceleration, but don\'t forget to brake on time for the bends. Make pitstops to change the tyres and refuel. Will you be the first to cross the finish line? Try circuit racing games here and hone your driving skills.

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