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Chinese Checkers 2

Play a game of checkers with two to six players against the computer on a star-shaped board. The objective is to get all of your marbles to the point of the star directly opposite the point where you start out. You can move one step, or you can jump over other marbles until with more than one jump per turn.

8.2 / 10
Chinese Checkers

Play checkers on a Chinese checkerboard. Play away all the pieces in as little moves as possible. It will require some planning ahead. How far can you get?

8 / 10

Eight rolls with 4 symbols make 48 win lines in Chinatown!

8 / 10
Battlefield General

Command an army in ancient China. Lead your men into battle and carry out the necessary missions to ensure the safety and growth of your empire.

8 / 10

You are given 7 shapes at random to copy with the Tangram puzzle pieces. Arrange the pieces into the right shapes as fast as you can. The faster you are, the more points you score in every puzzle.

8 / 10
Play Go Tetris

In this combination of Tetris and Go you can enclose the stones Go style in order to clear them out of the field. This is a little more difficult than Tetris because you need to keep an eye on the colour as well as the shape of the stones you are playing.

8 / 10

This little man is after your cursor. Don't let him steal it. Keep your cursor clear of his leaps, cursor-seeking rockets, and other special attacks. See how long you can keep your cursor safe. He's pretty fast.

8 / 10
Chinese Chess

In Chinese Chess the object of the game is to capture your opponent's general while keeping your own out of harms way. The middle of the board is divided by a river. Some of your pieces can cross it, others cannot. Figure out the best strategy to capture the general and win the game!

8 / 10
Cowboys and Chinamen

Help this cowboy find his way to the hidden desert fortress and to his Chinese nemesis in this silly Wild West story. Carry out tasks and solve puzzles to overcome the fortess defences.

8 / 10
Avatar Fortress Fight

In this Avatar game you get to choose your nation's catsle and then fire the ammunition of your choice at the enemy nations fortress by aiming carefully with your catapult.

8 / 10
China Open Tennis

Play a single match at the China Open tennis tournament in this fun game. Slam the ball over the net and defeat your opponent.

8 / 10
Japanese Ping Pong

Play a Japanese ping pong game in which your view of the table is from directly overhead. It's pretty tricky to get into the right position to hit the ball, but the game has characters with individual personalities, which is funny.

5.7 / 10

Chinese and other Asian games

China is one of the largest countries in the world, and has a long recorded history. The Chinese are also famous for the various games they have invented. And you won\'t have to go to Asia to buy or play them, because we\'ve collected the best online versions below.

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