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Knights and Brides

In this beautiful game you can go on an adventure in a world full of knights, princes, and princesses. Can you learn how to joust and win lots of prizes in the competitions so you can live like a royal hero in your village?

8 / 10
Lord III Catapult

Adjust the settings of your catapult to hit the black knight. You can hit the tower and flag of the enemy castle as well, but don't hit the white knight!

8 / 10
Castle Clout 1

Choose the stones you want to hurl at the castle and try to hit all of the little puppets. Make the castle collapse and try to score lots of points.

8.1 / 10
Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack

Crush the Castle is back! Can you destroy all the castles with your trebuchet? You also have to either hit or crush all the figures inside!

8.1 / 10
Angry Birds Halloween

Shoot the angry birds through the levels with the catapult in this halloween edition. Can you knock all of the blocks out of the field and complete the levels?

8.1 / 10
Castle Clout 2

Hurl more rocks at the castle using your catapult in Castle Clout 2. Try to knock over all the knights and hit the castle to make it crumble and fall.

8 / 10
Pin Up Shooter

Help the pin up model shoot the red balloons with her catapult. Make sure you don't hit any of the green balloons. Those are friendly. Try to hit only the red ones.

8 / 10
Garfield Sheep Shot

Garfield loves to sleep. He needs 9 hours of it. Every time you shoot a sheep past him he gains another half hour of sleep. Use the catapult to shoot everything that threatens to wake him up, and keep an eye on the moon.

8 / 10
Crazy Penguin Catapult

First you have to rally your troops. Shoot the penguins through the opening by hitting them with the catapult at the right moment. The more penguins you shoot through the more penguins you have to torpedo the polar bears with. Then click to make the penguin torpedoes drop on top of the bears.

8 / 10
Angry Birds Space

Shoot the angry birds through space using the big catapult. Make smart use of the gravity of the little planets to hit all the green piglets.

8.3 / 10
Santa Slingshot

Sling Santa away with a catapult and some mischievous Christmas Elves and see how for you can make him fly. Have fun!

8 / 10
Flying Cat

a flying cat is not a very common sight. Launch the cat and see how high you can get it to fly. Collect candy and upgrades to get higher still!

8 / 10
Crush the Castle 2

Crush the Castle 1 was already immensely popular, and this extended version looks even better and has far more options for crushing your opponents. You have a catapult and must try to kill all the people in the castle. You will start with pieces of wood as your cannonballs, but later you will get rocks and bombs to shoot. Can you earn the gold medal in each level? Such an addicting game, try it now!

8 / 10
Castle Smasher

Wreck the castles! Hitting the castles is deceptively easy, which is why it's so very addictive. Demolish the castles using your trebuchet, and knock down any knights who try to interfere.

8 / 10
Airborne Balloon

Use the catapult to pop the balloons before they cross the line at the top. You can upgrade your weapon and your ammunition by saving up money.

8 / 10
Toon Marooned

Shoot the burning rafts of your opponent so that they sink. At the bottom of the screen you can set direction, power, and press the LAUNCH button.

2 / 10
Avatar Fortress Fight

In this Avatar game you get to choose your nation's catsle and then fire the ammunition of your choice at the enemy nations fortress by aiming carefully with your catapult.

8 / 10
Mega Jump

Try to shoot the frog in the catapult as far as you can. Keep and eye on the direction of the wind. a favourable wind makes all the difference.

4.8 / 10
Angry Animals 3

Angry Birds, but then with alien scheep monsters. Shoot them through the air using the catapult and aim well. Can you hit or blow up all the other alien creatures?

0 / 10
Riggs Digger

Somebody has built a wooden structure that is all wrong and looks like it'll collapse. Use your digging machine to bring it down. Smash it to bits and break it.

8 / 10
Crush the Castle

Use your catapult to bombard your enemy and destroy their stronghold. Try to place your shots strategically by hitting the weakest part of their fortress.

8 / 10
Crush The Castle

This game is one of our own favourites. Use your catapult to bombard your opponent's castles and blast them to pieces. There are lots of levels to this game and lots of options. Can you set a castle crushing record?

8 / 10
Medieval Siege

Try to knock over the entire building and hit everyone in it. If you hit everyone you get to go on to the next level. In the beginning you can shoot with stones. After that, you can shoot bombs and other nasty surprises. Try to release the stone at the right moment when shooting with the catapult.

8 / 10
Hedgehog Launch

Shoot the hedgehog way up into the air. Try to get it all the way into outer space. You can buy upgrades to shoot it higher in between your tries.

8 / 10
Siege Master

Try to shoot down as many people as you can with the catapult. They're standing on some wooden constructions and castles. Knock them over by hitting the planks with your projectiles to bowl them all over.

8.1 / 10
Ice Castle Blaster

Shoot the ice castle to bits by firing stones with your catapult, but keep an eye on how many stones you have left and try not to waste any stones by missing.

8 / 10
Pirate: Tides of Fortune

In this great MMORTS game by Plarium you can become a pirate king, captaining your own boats and crew. Hire crew members, buy boats, and search for treasures and adventures on the seven seas!

8 / 10
Castle Clout

Try to make the towers collapse by hurling stones at it wit your giant catapult. Aim well and shoot hard enough to knock a bit hole in the castle

8 / 10
Ragdoll Crusher

Shoot the ragdoll against the constructions using the catapult. Can you knock everything down so that the pieces all end up below the dotted line?

8 / 10
Kill All Weeds

Try to shoot all of the plants and weeds growing rapidly around the house in this game. The weeds are trying to destroy the house. Can you shoot them all.

8 / 10
Ragdoll Catapult

Drop the ball to launch the ragdoll with the catapult and send it flying through the level. Can you aim so that the ragdoll lands in exactly the right place?

8 / 10

Shoot away the cat with the catapult. Launch the cats through the level and try to get them to collect all the food. Can you reach all the food in every level?

8 / 10
Airborne 2

Can you shoot all the balloons before they reach the top of the screen? You can upgrade your ammo to shoot more efficiently. Can you get them all? Every escaped balloon costs you health.

8 / 10
Rodent Tree Jump

Can you shoot your squirrel closest to the target? You can score extra points by catching the stars, but don't forget that the winner is the one who gets closest to the target.

8 / 10

In this game the object is to break all of the plates by launching a bull from a catapult. Grab the extras such as the chili pepper for extra power.

8 / 10
Tommy Slingshot

Help Tommy use his slingshot to shoot all the ghouls and other monsters invading the village. Try not to shoot the urns and bowl with food though. Don't wreck the village!

0 / 10

Sling all the suited up men into the death traps. Can you collect all the coins that setting off the traps will release? Try to make the coin target in each level and use the coins to buy upgrades.

0 / 10


The catapult is a massive siege weapon that has been used since ancient times. The word comes from the Greek \"kata\" (downward, or against) and the verb \"pallo\" (to position a missile). Catapults are also sometimes called a ballista, though originally that was because catapults only shot darts while ballistas were used to launch other weapons.

Catapult games online!

In these online catapult games you can shoot anything with your catapults. Darts and rocks, cannonballs and other missiles, like the traditional ballista or catapult, and also frogs, sheep, rodents, bulls, penguins... You name it. Have fun with these exciting, strategic, or just downright funny catapult games.

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