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Carnaval Dress Up
Help this girl pick out the best, prettiest, or funniest costume for the carvanal. Pick a nice mask, because that's a must! So much glitter for you to go wild with in this carnaval dress up game!
8 / 10
Fairytale Dress-Up
Dress up this girl like a little princes. There are lots of different costumes to try all, and they all look a little bit like those of the Disney princesses.
8 / 10
Carnaval 15-Puzzle
The pictures of the dressed-up carnaval goers have been divided into 15 pieces and shuffled up. Try to get the pictures back in the right order again by moving the pieces around.
8 / 10

Carnival games!

Carnival, (or Carnaval, Carnevale, Karneval, etc.) is celebrated during the three days preceding Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent, and 46 days away from Easter. Here you\'ll find a small number of Carnival games, so no need to wait all year!

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