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Waitress Adventures

The girl and the boy characters want to change their appearance, but they have no money. Can you help them succeed in their job as a waiter?

10 / 10
World Tour Makeover

Give this girl a quick beauty treatment in your salon. After this session, with all kinds of lovely scrubs and lotions, she'll be going on a world tour.

0 / 10
Cleo DeNile Skin Care

Cleo deNile, one of the Monster High fashion dolls, has been having some skin problems. Can you make her skin smooth and pretty with some great skincare skills?

0 / 10
Spa Salon Cleanup 2

Your clients and the salon have left the place looking quite a mess. Can you get ready for a new day at the salon by cleaning up so that everything looks spotless again?

0 / 10
Elsa Nails Spa

In this game you can polish and decorate Princess Elsa's nails. You can choose between all kinds of pretty colours and patterns, and beautiful jewelry and nail stickers.

0 / 10
Robecca Steam Hair and Facial

In this laboratory-like salon you can give the steampunk robot Robecca Steam from Monster High a fun hair and facial treatment.

10 / 10
Floral Beauty Massage

Give this customer a wonderful massage in your salon. Help her relax with your scented oils, flower petals, honey scrub, and the warm and smooth massage stones.

0 / 10
Elsa Frozen Massage

Princess Elsa, from the movie Frozen by Disney, has come to your spa for a beauty treatment. Can you give Elsa a wonderfully relaxing back massage?

0 / 10
Anna Great Manicure

Give Princess Anna a great manicure. This Disney princess from the Disney movie Frozen wants you to do her nails in your nail studio. Can you shape her nails with your file and paint them gorgeous colours?

7.3 / 10
Tattoo Passion 2

Give everyone who comes to your tattoo parlour a pretty tattoo. First place the stencil in the right spot. Draw in the lines and add the right colours.

6 / 10
Robecca Steam Mechanical Makeover

The steampunk robot Robecca Steam from Monster High wants a lovely makeover. Can you use the oils and lotions to polish Robecca's copper robot skin?

10 / 10
Niall Horan Cool Makeover

Can you take good care of One Direction's Niall Horan in your spa? Give him a great makeover. Start with a refreshing face mask.

8 / 10
Catrine deMew Artsy Makeover

Catrine deMew, the artsy werecat from Monster High, wants your help with her beauty ritual. Can you take good care of her fur with all kinds of scrubs and lotions?

8 / 10
Frozen Anna Spa Time

Princess Anna from the Disney movie Frozen is at your spa for a beauty treatment and to relax. Can you give her a wonderful back massage? Rub on the oils and lotions.

4 / 10
Baby Barbie Beauty Pageant

Can you help Baby Barbie get ready for the baby beauty pageant? Make her hair look pretty and choose a cute outfit for her.

2 / 10
Sweet Miss Salon

In this game you have your own beauty salon. Treat your customers to a wonderful beauty treatment and some great make-up advice.

0 / 10
Jane Boolittle at the Spa

In this game you're going to the spa with Jane Boolittle, a new Monster High student. Jane can talk to animals, and was raised by Dr Boolittle and Dr Moreau.

0 / 10
Howleen Wolf Manicure

Howleen Wolf really wants to have a manicure. Can you help this Monster High girl by making her nails super pretty? Howleen is Clawdeen's younger sister.

0 / 10
Catrine deMew Spa Makeover

Catrine deMew is a very artistic student who goes to Monster High. She's also a werecat. Give her a great spa treatment and a makeover.

0 / 10
Famous Singer Harry Styles Facial

Can you give One Direction's Harry Styles and wonderful and refreshing facial treatment? Rub his face with lotions and tweeze his eyebrows.

0 / 10
Ghoulia Yelps Hair and Facial

In this game you can do Ghoulia Yelps's hair. She's a zombie from Monster Hig. Can you give her a nice facial treatment too?

0 / 10
Liam Payne Facial

Take good care of Liam Payne in your beauty salon. Give him a wonderful makeover. Get started with a refreshing facial treatment.

0 / 10
Justin Bieber Massage

Justin Bieber is in your beauty salon! Can you give him a relaxing back massage? Get your massage oils ready.

0 / 10
Louis Tomlinson Facial

In this game you own a beauty salon, and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction is your guest. Can you give him a great facial treatment?

0 / 10
Elly's Prom Preparations

Elly is getting ready for the prom. Before the party gets started she's relaxing by doing an extensive beauty treatment. Can you help her?

0 / 10
Draculaura Bloody Makeover

Give Draculaura, the talkative vampire who feels queazy when she sees blood - or even thinks of blood! - a wonderful makeover. Because it's Draculaura, all her vampire skincreams are made with fake blood.

0 / 10
Venus McFlytrap Flowery Makeover

Venus McFlytrap, the plant monster from Monster High, wants a nice makeover. Can you take good care of her skin with all her favourite scrubs and lotions?

0 / 10
Operetta Diva Makeover

Operetta, the dramatic diva of Monster High, wants a glamorous makeover. Can you help her take good care of her skin with all kinds of special scrubs and lotions?

0 / 10
Cleo deNile Big Makeover

Give Cleo deNile a makeover. She's a total diva, so she probably won't look any happier by the end of it, but she does want you to help out with her elaborate beauty ritual.

0 / 10
On the Beach

Give these two girls lots of different face masks to clear up their skin. After that, you can do their make-up and help choose some great outfits for the beach.

0 / 10
Sarah's Nail Art School

Do some amazing nail art in Sarah's Nail School. Choose from all kinds of beautiful colours and pattern, and decorate the nails with stickers and glitter.

0 / 10
Babysitter Facial Makeover

The baby has been put to bed, so now you have the evening to yourself. Can you give the babysitter a facial treatment and beauty makeover? Make her skin feel smooth, soft, and refreshed with lotions and facial scrubs.

0 / 10
Elsa Secret Beauty Spa

In this game you are a beautician. Princess Elsa from the Disney film Frozen is on her way to your salon. Can you give her a wonderful makeover and beauty treatment?

0 / 10
Elsa Lovely Braids

In this game you can braid Princess Elsa's hair. Wash her hair first until it's soft and shiny. Then you can start braiding the Frozen heroine's hair for her.

0 / 10
Belle Real Makeover

Give Princess Belle from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast a wonderful makeover. Begin with a beauty treatment to cleanse her skin, and then do her hair and make-up.

0 / 10
Spa Salon Slacking

Sarah the Slacker is back. This time she's found a job in a spa. Can you help Sarah slack off and works as little as possible? Just make sure her boss doesn't find out.

0 / 10
NY Fashionista Makeover

In this game you own a spa in New York. Can you give this fashion-conscious girl a beauty treatment and a wonderful makeover? Make sure she leaves your salon looking great!

0 / 10

A Relaxing Day at the Spa

In these fun games you work at a beauty spa. Help your customers relax with all kinds of face masks, perfumed oils and creams, and pressure point massage with smooth, warm stones, for instance. Treat their skin to a special cleansing beauty cream. In some games you can also give your customers make-up and styling advice to finish up the day at your spa. Do you like the idea of working in a beauty salon? Then try out our fun beauty spa games!

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